Re-enlisting into RMP

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Daza, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. I am seriously thinking about re-enlisting into the Corps. Having left in 96 and now being 35 I know its been a while, but I recon I can still do the job……Anybody know of anyone else doing the same? Any comments from those still serving?
  2. Ok let me give you some more info.

    I left in 96 (as I thought the grass was greener). Since then I have had a very fulfilling time working in the NGO/Charity sector the only problem is that most work for charities is on a ‘fixed term contract’ and isn’t so fulfilling for the bank manager.
    Now its time to start thinking about the future. Getting a secure job again, to satisfy the wife and kids.
    So my options are as I see it:
    1. Civvy bill…will be starting a second application when local force recruiting window opens next month. (Failed application in 96 when I left the Corps and was gutted).
    2. MOD Plod……Stag on?
    3. MPGS….Again Stag on?
    4. Re-enlist to RMP….Have spoken to AFCO they say great come on in and sign up, 2 to 4 months you will be back with a unit. However, they were not able to give details of any refresher training/ rank-pay loss etc etc…
    This is why I ask the kind members of Arrse for their logic and wisdom…
  3. When I was going through training, we had a lad who'd rejoined. He'd left as a full screw, and came in again as a lance-jack during CMS.
    If my memory serves me right, he started around week four.

    Since you've been out ten years, I can imagine you'll have to do something similar.
  4. Thanks TT,
    So it may be an option. I will see if AFCO can find out more info. In the meantime I think putting all efforts into my application for Civpol might be the best.
  5. Daza, FWIW, that work experience if evidenced properly should go down a treat during the CIVPOL PIRT process. Think about how you use it to get maximum benefit and good luck whatever you decide to do.
  6. is rmp different then fellas? i was in ra for 4 years and ive been out now for 3yrs and am 29 but when i went to re engage afco told me i was too old therefore i was given an option to go to mpgs i would have loved to go back in my old job
  7. The Mets going to be recruiting again. Give it a go, you could always become a PCSO :lol:
  8. The moral of the story is: When you are on a good thing-stick with it! Once you leave, someone else moves into your slot and you have to start at the bottom again if you re-join. How you climb back up the ladder to where you were is up to you!

  9. I wouldn't laugh ST, some of these PCSOs are on good money. Policing on the cheap my a*se. Have a look at some of the Force Websites and see what they are on.

    For anyone keen on joining the Police but who have to wait until recruitment starts again, it's not a bad place to start. Some people use it as a step towards joining the Police and from what I can gather, the Police look favourably on it at application time. At least you are showing interest and they can see you. Mind you, you would have to work far enough away so that your mates never saw you.
  10. When are the RMPs going to get CSOs in Germany??? At least someone would be seen doing something.
  11. I come across one or two people who have left the RMP to join civie bill only to come back a year or two later, by all accounts civie bill is not everything that it is cracked up to be, plus for the first 2 years it is walking the beat and probation, having to learn a new job and previous experience which is often totally disregarded.

    If your interested in returning to the RMP best option is to speak to RHQ and get hold of a contact at the new training school who can answer your questions about rank and experience.

    Good luck.

  12. Could always give BTP a try they are supposed to good force and seem to have vacancies now and again, a few RMP have joined them, also there is a forum some where on the net called Ex RMP in Business which is supposed to help ex get jobs stuff like that, keeping it in the family.
  13. MPGS isn't that bad, only work max of six months, cheap accomodation access to health and education.....

    Better then traffic warden and it's not as dangerous as some barrier commandos would like you know! LOL
  14. Thanks for all your comments guys, only just read the rest as I have been in Rwanda filming for the past 3 weeks.
    Anyway my police application form is all ready to post when the local force recruitment window opens next week. So we will see how it goes!