re-enlisting housing

I'm re-enlsiting, have been given a reporting date today of three weeks to report to my unit and start working. no phase one or two, which is a bonus. however i have two young children and an au paor that i want to keep with me,
currently im in SSFA becuase my husband is serving. i want to know about how quickly i can get the new house, with me sorted out. My husband isnt actually posted where the house is becasue he's on course so the children will have to shipped out to family, which is unfortuenate and i want it to be for the shortest time possible.
to begin the process i need to re-enlist so i have an active service number and get a copy of my authorising letter. my afco man doesnt have the authorising letter yet, but can he re-enlist me or will that happen when i report next month?
its all very quick, which would be great if i knew what was happening house wise and without havign to be seperated from my family for no real reason. if you could help clear up my concerns, and give me a heads up of whether im entitled to housing straight away; if i can bring forward my enlitsing; or if i just have to wiat til next month and then do it all.
thank you

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