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Good afternoon,

I joined the Army in 2007 and began training at ATR Winchester - During that time i was not Physically or mentally ready for the challenege, and on top of personal issues on the outside, i spent every waking moment trying to get out - This included not being a team member and even Feigning Injury. I was only 18 at the time and now regret this more than anything -

I have spent the last year ensuring i would be mentally and physically ready to re-enlist.

I have jumped through a couple of hoops so far and i have finally had the break where my recruiter has agreed to fill out a 203 for me and recommend me for re-enlistment as a "changed Man" - he said this could take upto 3 months and to keep dropping in for updates.

I am of course incredibly concerned - back in 2007 i was the worst recruit possible, but i am not that man anymore, and i know exactly what i want.

does anybody know how likely it is that Glasgow will refuse my Request?

Any advise here would be greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance!
It's a bit of a crazy idea, and a long shot, but have you tried asking your recruiter?
I have Asked my recruiter yes, and his answer was that he does not know..

I know this is now a waiting game, i was just hoping for some advice if any body has been through this before, or has seen this before, in the meantime of course i am keeping myself fit and doing all i can to prepare myself in case i get the good news i am looking for,

the people who are most likely to have seen this before are, you guessed it, in the recruiting office.
Ok as the Phantom is saying its no point getting views of no faced people on the internet about this and to be honest Recruiters at this present time, each 203 is dealt with individually on a case by case basis and a lot of emphasis will be on your discharge paperwork and previous service records that MCM Div Desk officers will currently be looking at. If your Recruiter has reccomended you as a changed man thats all he can do for now and its out of the ACIOs hands. Bide your time and this could be anywhere from a few months to 12 months plus for them to get back...use the time well to work on fitness, confidence and attitude and if the 203 is successful you will then have to do the whole process again...this will go quicker if you have worked hard in the coming months. I would also add initiative is part and parcel of the application process so maybe you should of gone in the Re-enlisters thread thats ongoing rather than upset Disco with starting another thread....but thats just me being picky.
Thanks for the advice, And i apologise for the new thread - will keep in touch with my recruiter, keep fit, and wait to hear back.

Thanks for all your help.
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