re-enlisting from DOAR

I started army training last september but I DAOR and left in october. Admittedly, I was a total puff but I've now "grown a pair" and Im really keen to get back in and prove to myself and to others that I can be a soldier and serve my country.

The only thing is I've got this bloody recommendation on my report saying I should wait 12 months to re-enlist. Its been 6 months since I left and Im getting bored of waiting and I really want to get back in.

Is there anything I can do?
g_hu said:
Im not saying it will be any different..I just really want to get back in.

Cheers heidtheba appreciate that
Sarcasim, g_hu, get used to it if you want to get back in.

The wink should have gave it away :roll:
Just get down careers office it will take a while to get a date anyway. And whats the worst that happen they tell you to f off for a few months.
I am also re-joining the army from a DOR, i left with a good record, i just needed a bit of time off to sort out my personal life before i could continue trainning. Now i have got my personal life back on track the army is giving me the chance to start my trainning over again.
If you go down to you careers office now it should at least get you started as it will take you a few months to get the paperwork sorted.

Dont piss them about tho, not all employers are kind enough to pay thousands of pounds to re-train you for a second time.

If you go back in make sure its for the right reasons, (not just because you bored)

Good luck...

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