Re enlisting (again)- thinking about 4/73 battery

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nuttymonkey, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Guys, Need a bit of help. I re-enlisted last July after a few years as a civvy but due to personal problems back home, I had to DAOR in September and sort out a few family issues. Now they have been dealt with, I am looking at re-enlisting (again) for a further stint in the artillery. I know who 4/73 battery are and what they do, but does anybody have any idea as to what the phase 2 involves for special observer and also what the selection up at Marne Barracks involves????

    Any help will be massively appreciated.
  2. Phase 2 involves going through standard gunner training to fire off the big guns (sorry not got a clue to all the arty stuff) its only once you pass out and go to 4/73 you must past the patrols course to be able to do the special observer buisness, i.e OP's, CTR's and contact drills etc, Nails apparently
  3. Phase 2 training doesn't include gun training. I've copied and pasted a post I made some time ago elsewhere to explain...

    The main bit that potentially applies to you is in the second to last paragraph. I can't tell you about the observer course, as I've never done it, but do a search and I'm sure it has been brought up several times before in various guises.
  4. Cheers guys, I know the generic RA course hasn't changed much since i passed through 24battery in 2002, It was just the spec obs patrols course i wanted to find out about, Heard it's supposed to be nails but if i can become an obs post assistant at 18, then I fancy stepping it up a bit now i'm fitter and wiser at 24. If you don't try then you never know!!

    Can't find anything as to what the patrols course and selection involve though!
  5. Did you try going to the search box and typing in "4/73", or "special observer course"?

    I just did, because I refused to believe this is the first time anyone has asked about the course, and you'll never guess what showed up... :roll:
  6. <<<<<< Feels like a bit of a prize prick for forgetting the search function existed!!!!!!
  7. so you re-enlisted?(so used a daor)....then used another doar in sept? and now rejoining again? how did u get 2 daor's :? and you need to ask if the army even accepts anyone a 3rd time...
  8. Was compassionate discharge 1st time, DAOR'd second because I found out my dad had a matter of weeks to live, now everything has been dealt with, I have been approached by the discharge and nurturing cell offering me the chance to re-enlist. It's not like i'm some wet behind the ears NIG, I did 2years as a phase 3 soldier before I had to leave. :(
  9. Rather than jump a huge hurdle at the outset, why not join a field regt, train up on the OPs and then try their selection?

    For 1 Bty, they are a very busy bunch and a Regt such as 4th Regt down the road from Marne Barracks in Topcliffe might be able to offer better opportunities...
  10. trust me, dont go straight to 4/73 as you will fail, only 10 in 50 pass the course. You need to be sh*t hot on navex etc... so i suggest you goto a reg before and get some experience. Join 29 and go 148 bty which is op's for 29. then you have a chance of going SBS.