Re-enlisting after being discharged

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by macko, Feb 7, 2008.

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  1. Can any one help me. I want to re-enlist in the army. I have been out since Jan 2005. I was young and stupid then and am stronger and wiser now. I feel I can go far. The only problem is I dont know if i can re-inlist.

    I left on this QR 1975 PARA 9.414C (1) RELEASED FROM ARMY SERVICE.
    I dont know what that means and not sure if a can rejoin. Please can someone let me know.
  2. what was your military conduct?
  3. I was in The Kings Troop RHA, Was in for 3 years.
  4. Did you leave with 'Exemplary' on your conduct sheet when you left? (Did you leave or did you get booted out?) Be honest - either way there will be someone on here that can help. (And a siht load that will take the psis for a giggle.)

  5. Exemplary. I was bloody good at my job but had low self esteem and no confidence. I was only young. Well still am I’m 23 now but I’m a lot tougher then I used to be. I asked to leave and they let me go early as I had these problems. I was young and stupid and no one was there to give me support at the time.
  6. I have no idea what "QR 1975 PARA 9.414C (1) RELEASED FROM ARMY SERVICE" is, there may well be a grown up :) on here that knows what it means. I think you should go for it mate - don't forget to try and get your rejoining bounty/golden hello!

    Phone up your local careers office tomorrow, take your paperwork in as soon as you can - I've put in for FTRS - maybe rejoining after that.

    Good luck mate.

  7. I got discharged in 2000 on the same code and am currently in the process of re-enlisting. ADSC and basic training await me again!! at the age of 30 I am really looking forward to it LOL!
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  8. Thanks guys for your support. I went to the Army Careers Office today and am going to re-enlist. Into a different corps this time though. Do something different. Should be able to do more courses this time to as I didn't get to do much last time round. Just hope my fella doesn't feel to left out when im out there working. If he's the one he should support me right?
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  9. Are you gay or a doris??
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  10. I'm a bird. god why do you lot Assume its only men who want to join the army. I already got through the training once and ill do it again. Nutters
  11. Easy hon, it was an honest mistake. Good luck with your re-enlistment, hope it all goes in your favour.

    In regards to your partner, you're right. If he's worth keeping, he'll let you go once he sees that it's what you want.
  12. Hey it was an honest question, I too have been throught he training once, 10 years ago! so now at the age of 30, I am hoping that I don't have too much too prove (or they let loads of fat barstewards in, and I am made to look quite fit ;) )

    Good luck to you Macko, what are you going back in to do?
  13. anyone recommend a good fitness programme to get me fit asap
  14. Try jogging through Bradford carrying a placard of a Danish Cartoon!

  15. im going to join as a CMT. sounds really good. different to what i did before. Im in trining now. Oh and I put my app in yesterday. Just waiting to hear what glasgow say now. Watch this space.