Re enlisting. advice and help please

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mandown, Oct 5, 2007.

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  1. I left the R signals after 7 years as a siggy rank, ive been out now for about a year and a half, and am thinking about re enlisting, preferably into RAVC as a dog trainer.
    What i would like to know is.

    How long would the initial application to training process be?
    would i be required to redo basic?
    Would i return on my old pay grade and pension, or would i start again, so to speak.
    Would the RAVC accept me? or would i be 'pushed' back into comms?

    Anything else you can think of, im going to my local AFCO tommorrow, but i know from the first time round, what they say, and what really happens are often different things.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Anyone?
  3. I don't think you would have to redo basic training as you haven't been out that long. You should go back onto the same pay band, pension and keep LSA days. I don't know about being forced back into being a siggy, I think they would be that happy to get somebody re-enlisting they will let you go to the RAVC.
  4. Are AFCO's not shut at weekends?
  5. AFCOs are shut at weekends.
  6. Cheers plant and you are both correct, i forgot the day when i was typing the origional post, (shift work messes with your timings!)
  7. Speak to the Recruiters because they have all the current Recruiting Instructions, take in your red book with your discharge paperwork as they need the info of discharge code and if you had exemplary service etc. They should also speak about why you got out, what youve done since etc and then send details off on a Special enlistment form (203) and in your case a D500 as your time served is into reservist time.

    All cases are different and after doing quite a few in yur position it will be up to Glasgow desk officer, it is easier to go in for same job you were before due to trade training etc. I would also say that seeing you've been out for over a year you may need to have another medical at ADSC and interview by the PSO and the process could be quite long. There are also seperate selection boards for dog handler and this time round you only have one choice of the job your going. In majority of cases is far easier to go for the same trade as before as the Sigs desk officer will be able to get details on you far easier. I had some RE-Reservists who's D500's were sorted out within weeks and back in within a month and others who dragged on for over 8 months due to paperwork, authority from HQ recruiting and some who failed to impress at interviews for different trades.

    Good luck though and keep us informed
  8. The Iron, out of interest, have you ever had any downgraded people go back in?
  9. Not in recruiting now, Im back in the grinder. Answer to your question is in the Re-enlisters and Re-reservists I had through the office NO as they had to be fully fit as far as Im aware but there may be other recruiters out there who knows different. As we tell everyone who comes through the door its all medical in confidence and up to the SMO's and can only advise on Asthma etc. However I suppose if someone was P3 went to IraqiSTAN then got out and 9/10 months later tried to get back in it would be quite interesting to see the SO2 Recruiting response if the applicant was still deployable.

    By the end of the day the ACIO/AFCO is just the middle man passing the info onto desk officers at Glasgow and Recruiting SO2 to make the decision.

    Hope it kind of answers your question :roll:

    Edited to say if you try and get back within a year of discharge you shouldnt have to have a medical / selection etc if going back into same job but SO2 has final word
  10. Cheers.
  11. Having seen how much carp the sigs have to put up with I wouldn't want to go back to them. I've known guys who've retraded from the sigs to the Infantry they've had enough of the shi'ite. Stick with your first choice, just make sure that you don't come across as a mong in the interviews.
  12. hi just a quick one I was court martialled 5 years ago for awol stupid young kid couldn't handle personal problems I have been on two tours of Iraq 1 afganistan so be gentle people lol I have recently made an application to rejoin its been two months nothing yet they say ther waiting for my pre service checks if the answer was going to be a no for me to to rejoin do you think I would already no or is this wish full thinking any advice would be appreciated
  13. NO more immediate pennsion, NO more Germany, NO more fun, NO more morale!

    Do something else.
  14. I would worry more about the English test.
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  15. Because good spelling and grammar is what will put the enemy in the ground.