Hello all, considering joining up again but am not sure of how different it is now, did op telic 9 as a reservist but would like someone elses input before i take the proverbial plunge. cheers boys, jimmy
I re-joined regs after doing telic 8, I kept my rank but have been paid NOTHING since, No LOA (I am now in germany), No WAGES, No Disturbance, ZILCH!! MCM, JPA, Colour service have not helped 1 bit. Been mobilised as a reservist first fcukd everything up. Would ensure your JPA details are all correct and on system firstly, if not ask RTMC to do it as part of your demob.
I was in the army from 91 to 97 the reason i was dicharged is i told the docter i smoked a joint.[ i was never tested]
i only did that because my battalion would not promote me even though i was a class 2 P.T.I and a member of the gym staff.
I want to know if i can re enlist back in the army.
can anyone give me advice.
What does it say in your little/large red book?

If it states anything less than 'honourable discharge' I think your luck may be out. Your best bet is to enquire with the Recruiting team at AMS HQ as they can get a direct answer to you quicker than the ACIO could

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