Re-enlist with a Dishonourable?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by c2518, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know if there are any circumstance whereby someone who got a DD can re-enlist into the TA?
  2. Only if the DD was an unfair discharge ie you were shafted completely unfairly. If it was then you have grounds to appeal but mostly the army does get it right.

    Dishonorable people are not wanted in the military.

    Have you considered a career in politics?
  3. Hi Cameron,
    I believe the TA have the same feeling towards druggies as the regulars. Therefore I guess the answer will be "No"
  4. who said anything about drugs? DD is shorthand for discharged with disgrace
    and as for "If it was then you have grounds to appeal but mostly the army does get it right." :?
  5. Dishonorable Discharge you'll find.

    So why not enlighten us with the details?
  6. :?

    So, let me get this right, regular army and you got a discharge with disgrace and you think the TA will want your waste of skin?

    While I role around pi$$ing myself with laughterover the above for half an hour, why don't you tell us just how you or your 'friend' that you're asking for got a DD... :lol:
  7. because you muppet, after thirteen years in the infantry, i got shafted on an assault charge which got me general court martialed and a three year sentence and the Judge Advocate stated "Discharged with Disgrace". now some years on and as I am still interested in the military I thought I would see if it were possible to utilise some of the old skills.
  8. so no response from the expert with an opinion then
  9. c2518

    you have been outed good and proper ... TheBigUn gave a neat link to another thread where you claim to be ex-Royal Signals DD'd for drug use.

    why are you still loitering??? sad cnut
  10. Think TheBigUn has sussed you c2518!

    Next you'll be bleeting that you were innocent and stitched up by bent coppers and an OC you wouldn't endulge with bum love!

    I suggest you live with the fact you had your time, you fcuked up in a big way and you'll never wear the Queen's Uniform again - I'm sure there's a desk at a call centre with your name on it somewhere!

    If you're going to hang yourself from shame, don't do it in Bridge End, coz those kids don't deserve being linked with a disgrace like you!
  12. Sorry mate, I was getting "C2518" mixed up with "Cameron I got a DD for taking drugs, but I only did it once, honest 25180267".

    Amazing similarities though don't you think?

    Surprised you didn't pick me up for referring to you as "Cameron" in my first post, unless, spookily, you're also called Cameron?

    Anyway. The answer's still "No".

    Have you tried the Foreign Legion?
  13. what a bunch of f@ckwits you are! I have no link to the other postings. I asked a sensible question which some obviously inbred retards were incapable of dealing with. For your information you mindless tw@ts you do little for helping anyone get any sensible advice from this part of arrse and are so up yourselves I doubt you would be able to function or succeed out in civvie street. and just to get the record straight I am still in contact with quite a few of the lads from my old bn and they can all confirm what I am and what I have achieved since my bit of trouble. if any of you have the bollocks I will quite happily meet and discuss further.
  14. Only that your computer no doubt happens to have the same IP address. (MODS confirm please?) Purely by coincidence you understand!

    Thanks for your un-intelligent input Cameron, now pop off down the job centre theres a good chap.