Re-Enlist after MD

Hello.. A bit of background first.

I was medically discharged in june 07, with a hearing problem. It was thought by the Med Board that my injury would not heal, and that my haring would be permanently damaged. Therefore, i got discharged under AR 1975 Para 9.387, Permanetly Unfit for Service.

Recently I had a routine hearing test and was told that my hearing has improved significantly. I am now considering rejoining the army, but i am scared that they will not consider me even though i have recoved.

Any advice will be a major help.

(oh, and if they refuse can i appeal on the grounds that there discison was made upon a wrong diagnosis)

Thanks, gary
Although there will be a record of your discharge, if you attempt to rejoin, you should have the chance to have another medical or a med board. If there has been a significant improvement, you may well be able to rejoin. However, be cautious as 'significant improvement' is a very subjective term.

You also need to bear in mind that criteria for civilian and military hearing tests do differ, although not significatly.

As for appealing on the grounds of wrong diagnosis, can you actually prove that the diagnosis was wrong and that you have in fact 'recovered'. If you had been discharged due to the loss of a limb and you turn up with all limbs intact, diagnosis was clearly wrong. However, when you were discharged, your hearing may well have been thought to be permanently damaged ie. H=8 in both ears. It may be now H=7 in one or both. Whilst some could argue that this is a 'significant improvement', it is still below entry standards and therefore still permanently damaged.

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