Hello hopefully someone can answer my questions.
I'am currently a serving solider in the infantry, 16 yrs, a Cpl, with many Recce, AI, quals. My BN is due this summer to conduct a unit move, where i do not want to be. Where currently my BN is, i have bought a house and settled down, i am in the process at the moment of trying to transfer to the new BN with not a lot of positive feedback. Question?
1. Am i to old to get out, and the next day Re-join with the BN of my choice?
2. The 12grand because i have done more than 12yrs would i have to pay it back?
3. How long would i have to be out to get the Re-engagement bounty?
Greenfusilier1 said:
I have bought a house and settled down

Sorry mate, but I couldn't see any points other than this one. To be honest it's no wonder you've received poor feedback from your CofC. The army, as big a twat as we know it can be for an employer, is at least up front about situations such as this one. You know that you could be moved around with little to no notice, yet you continued to plant your roots. I hope things work out for you in the end, but I wouldn't put my mortgage on it.
There´s no reason why the new Bn would allow you to join them if you did Sign off, bit of a risky one that.

Re settled down... How settled down?

And why don´t you want to be where you are going? Becuse you areaway from your house or because the palce is a sh1t pit?

You have 6 years left, how about renting the house out for a bit.... pays the mortgage at least and enjoying your next location?