Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by General Melchett, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Visited Eden camp near York with the sprogs the other day. Very good it is too. The only thing that really gripped my poo was a group of WW2 Luftwaffe, including Fallschrimjaeger, re-enactors. All they were doing was standing there, not demonstrating anything much, let alone a good turn out.

    Not sure which group they were but they were bloody terrible. Mostly grossly fat, and we're not talking a bit overweight, one must have had at least a 60 inch waist! All had long hair, one had modern glasses which complemented his mobile phone and to crown it all none of them were wearing anything like the correct boots. In fact some had BCH on! I was disgusted, it made a mockery of the memory of the men they were portraying.

    Anyone else noticed re-enactment groups like this?
  2. Check out the 'walt star' thread - more salad-dodging, uniform-not-quite-right wannabes than you could shake a stick at...
  3. In defence of re-enactors there is a group near York based at the farming museum who dress up as Vikings to entertain school trips. their gear is spot on most of it hand made and copied from archeological records/finds and they keep the kids entertained. They speak a little old norse to make things authentic and show the kids around the village where they grow wheat and herbs and keep goats and chickens. They don't do any harm, don't pretend to be real vikings (In fact they even tell the kids that what they are doing is based on what historians/archeologists think and point out the areas where they have had to improvise) and most of them seem like good blokes.
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I wasn't saying all re-enactors just the group who were there at the weekend.
  5. I wouldn't call the Sealed Knot "Walts" either . certainly not in pikestaff swinging range.

    Nutters one and all, seen a battle, I'm surprised no one was killed.
  6. He could at least sort his webbing out and those boots look wrong .If you must do this get it right or dont bother .
  7. DMS I see.
  8. spotter. Maybe you should join!

    narf narf
  9. And a 'shirt collar attached' when it should be collarless.

    Sorry sorry sorry
  10. Me Sah?

    Spotter Sah?

    Never Sah!- (if I was I'd point out the laces should be leather not material.)

  11. Try this one for size - a chap I met at a show this summer. I did challenge him over various dodgy aspects of his kit, (ok - spotterdom established) but he ran out of answers.

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  12. i agree, after all that is not a cane in his hand its a travelling coat hanger :lol:

    (if you haven't seen "Raiders of the lost ark" then the joke is lost on you)
  13. OK you've got me on the Stumbannfuhrers mistakes.
    Any clues?
    Nazi uniforms (In any great detail) aren't my field

    I helped restore a few WW2 vehicles in the late 70's and
    developed an eye for UK uniforms whilst displaying the finished items.
  14. Why would anybody want to dress up in battledress of all things? What a really horrible thing it was! It was just about bearable on a chilly day but it was torture in warm weather.