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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BLOODANDBULLETS, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. hi everyone,
    i was told to try this forum by a post war veteran on my ww2 forum so here goes.i portray a "rupert" in the RAMC as i have a great war {50th field ambulance/37th div}and a ww2 200th field ambulance/50th div} ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS small advanced dressing station display. which i take to displays around the S.E U.K for living history events. and i am looking to try to establish a connection or association with the RAMC which would make me very proud indeed 8) can anyone help me with some info or email addresses to try.
    i have the details for the AMS musium and will also email them for advice. but any other leads would be appreciated.
    i hope you don't mind me posting but i can see that re-enactors seem to be rather unpopular here :wink: :lol: but we are not all bad i hope :)
    kind regards chaps
  2. The site is generally OK with people who are up front about their intentions. In your case, you're probably safer than most as you've gone for a "respectable" pseudo occupation.

    ARRSERs are usually helpful with regard to queries about Mil history and you've come to the right forum in the first instance.

    Now, had you opened in the NAAFI (or even Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC) and not disclosed your background, you'd have a totally different reception.

    So, welcome in.

    (Of course, I can only speak from my point of view and don't claim to represent other ARRSErs :) )
  3. Thanx putteesinmyhands
  4. You could put a post on the 'Tommy Atkins Society' web site,(Google) they are a good crowd.
  5. Welcome.
    So what do you do on your display? I saw a good Civil War one ages ago where they cut off some ones leg?
  6. By heck,nothing like doing it properly :lol:
  7. I know when my dad lost his legs (due to diabetes) there were people spoke to him when he was on his out appointments from agencies from TV/ re-enactors etc for acting work. Its big buissness for people who's lost limbs, theres also work with the fire brigade acting as car wreck victims.
  8. I have an operating theatre tent {in which i perform a bullet extraction on a dummy} a mock up of a great war field X-Ray unit {the only one in the world to my knowledge} and a Robertson trench blood transfusion display {again the only 1 i am aware of} and if i can find a large cheap :roll: army tent, a "ward" with about 8 beds. this display also works well with a ww2 display with my mock up of a ww2 Picker X-Ray unit {again only one in the u.k to my knowledge}
    as i am not as fit as i should be i decided along time ago to portray a non elite unit portrayal and one that is often overlooked or seen as "boring" by other re-enactors who prefer the bangstick to the stretcher :roll: :wink:
    as to service none other than an air cadet in the early eighties {when the 303 and the SLR was the best still are in my humble opinion got my RAF marksman with the SLR 8) :drool: :headbang: sorry love the SLR :lol: }
    maybe this bit should be in the intro section :wink:
    BTW if anyone is interested on the history of x-rays in the british army in ww1 or 2 or info on the "war gases" and their effects let me know i have written two articles for my ww2 society publication.
    would love to get to know any current medics on here if there are any to help with my research.
  9. :blush: :oops: cheers putteesinmyhand AGAIN :wink:
    feels a bit of a twit now
  10. Hello Nick.....
  11. :roll: ^^\' :wave: wondered if you would on here matey :lol:
  12. Lets see some photos of what you do then! - you got a website?

    The National Army Museum has got a good WW1 field hospital display - you should talk to them.
  13. as i am not as fit as i should be i decided along time ago to portray a non elite unit portrayal and one that is often overlooked or seen as "boring" by other re-enactors who prefer the bangstick to the stretcher

    May not be best choice of words to gain confidence from the RAMC
  14. B&B, how did you decide/get interested in this as a hobby? Seems a bit abstract, i'm not knocking it, just intrigued how you managed to pick something so obscure.

    It's not even waltism it's so unique.

    BTW please drop the excessive use of smileys; a) they are annoying if used too much, b) MDN will drop on you like a tonne of bricks, not a nice experience, even if you are wearing a hard hat!