Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by BarceBandit, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. Opinion please on the wearing of medals by re-enacters who are not entitled to them.
    I recently saw a photo in a popular magazine of a 'wannabe' wearing RE cap badge, Sam Brown Belt and the following medals in this order.
    Africa Star with 8th.Army clasp, Atlantic Star!!!! and the 39/45 Star.

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  2. disgraceful! isnt there a petition going around to stop this sort of thing??
  3. Good God, what do they think they're doing - dressing up or something?
  4. Looks a bit like Norman Tebbitt
  5. Judging by his boat race,that may well be his original uniform.
  6. As to the medal combination, I know that the Atlantic Star seems out of place on an Army uniform but there were actually a good many soldiers who were awarded it.

    I think that most of them would have been Gunners assigned to the Merchant Fleet though. Perhaps he's reenacting an ex-Gunner?

  7. Walt w@nker, That sam browne is a bag-o-shite, Belt should be in the middle of his waste, His tie is knackers aswel. Re enactors are tossers of the worst kind. Apology if hes looking shocked after someone has just kicked the cnut up the arrse.
  8. His Sam Browne cross strap is back to front! His medal ribbons are the wrong way around - they should be 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star - he also looks like he's awarded himself the France & Germany Star or better yet, the Air Crew Europe Star (denoted by the rosette on the Atlantic Star ribbon).

    Gives walts a bad name.
  9. (Completely bypassing the 'why do they do it' argument)...Unless they're all going for the 2nd September 1939 look, they're going to have to wear some medals to look authentic. It's a bit uber-pathetic if they can't be bothered to get the right ones.
  10. Back to my original question, would some of you who have been awarded medals object to someone wearing them if not entitled to?
    The only person who knows what a medal was awarded for is the one who has it.
    Would you say that looks like a 'staybrite' cap badge?
  11. It all depends on why they are doing it.

    If they are trying to pretend that they won the medal(s), that would be 100% wrong.

    If on the other hand they are saying "This is what a soldier from WWII might have worn", then it's okay-ish.

    Yes, I quite agree that he hasn't tried too hard with his appearance, the staybrite badge and buttons are totally wrong.

    One thing though, why the obsession with this photo? Do you know the guy or what?
  12. Ok a major problem of mine

    Before we start

    I reneact medieval (pauses for abuse) English civil war & American civil war in the states about once every 2 years. I have been doing it since I was a teenager and now make part of my living from it.

    The issues I have here are
    1 wearing something youa re not entitled to wear coming from a military family I would get kicked lots if I did this.
    2. Wearing uniform incorrectly or the wrong titems together.

    Unfortuantley like all hobbies there are those who get it right and those who are simply too lazy or stuipid to get it right or those who focuss in on one minor detail and miss the bigger picture.

    Unfortunately it is ususally the attention seekers and idiots who make the press.

    So all ic an ask is that you do not take the broad brush to what is in the most part a reasonable hobby enjoyed by lots of people.


    ducks back into trench
  13. I am not 'obsessed' with the photo which was published in an advertisement in the magazine 'Best of British', but I do get irritated by people wearing military gear wrongly and even more so by the wearing of untitled medals.
    No, I don't know the guy but I bet you there will be some prime examples at the 'Victory' Show in Leicestershire this weekend, in any case I thought it was illegal to wear awards you were not awarded?
  14. Presumably medals like the 39/45 Star were not issued before the end of the war. So if you're meant to be authentic, you should only have the campaign medals issued at the time you're re-enacting. Of course if you're re-enacting the beasting of national servicemen during the 1950s, that's another matter.
  15. I think there are two points here, the first is if the person is not claiming to have actually been entitled to the decorations but wearing them is simply part of the costume in a theatrical presentation, which is what a re-enactment is, then it is ok.

    The second is if you are taking part in a re-enactment then you have a responsibility to be accurate in your representation, and on this ground your chap needs re-education. Many of these people do strive for accuracy so 'outing' him may well encourage his mate to ensure he does better in future.