Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Shaithis, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Not sure where to put this, but,

    How would i go about getting into the re-enactment side of things?.

    Looking at the Saxon, Norman time frame. I have spoken to a few people who do this and seen some very nice pictures on the net of some of these things.

    I used to work with a guy ages ago who did all of that stuff, and the piccies he had shown me perked my interest as they were really smart.

    Anyone got any idea, or who can point me in the right direction please ? (or, what section to post in).

  2. Cheers m8. Just so i don't feel too much of a plonker, do many serving or ex-forces join these things ??.

    or, is it just civvies who like the whole idea of running around with weapons ? (bit like hoddies !! :twisted: )
  3. Oh ffs, "Great Clips from 'Whore of the Rings'" :roll: .... Now how is that related to re-enacting Viking warriors going on a loot & pillage run .... oh...wait... :omfg: :oops: :wink:
  4. Try this group for Anglo Norman

    Very bloody good at it and cover about 300 years with about 6 changes of kit!

    Be warned. Good armour and weapons are not cheap! Clothing's not too bad but can still be pricy.

    As an aside there's this bloke, Patrick Barta and top rated for a sword smith, made this with gold and silver inlay, only 4,000 Euros.

    And Yes. I currently stick to English Civil War, in my lot we've got about a dozen ex and serving forces blokes including this nutter

    Best place to ask questions is
  5. Alternatively, instead of dressing up and doing shows for the public, you could actually learn to fight with medieval weapons using a 600 year old martial art system....have a look at this

    There are other martial arts groups studying different systems, but this one covers unarmed (striking, throwing, grappling), dagger, sword and polearms (spear, poleaxe and quarterstaff).
  6. Been looking at this myself as I've a huge interest in the Anglo Saxon and early medieval era. To get kitted out can cost an arm and a leg depending on how realistic you want to be. There are loads of sites on the net. Just pick one near you.
  7. Cheers for the info all.

    Will take a looksee on the net for what is around here.

    Those pictures were really smart, that sword handle has some amazing detail.

    And, that bloke is a nutter (o: Damn fine thing he is doing though /bow