Re-enactment (less 1940- 1945) - 8niners have that sown up

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by The_Marsh_Arabist, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. As I have alluded to on a number of posts Mrs TMA is busy putting together items for her RO (1976 - 1982) Re-enactment stand at the 2010 War & Peace Meeting at Hop Farm in Kent - you think I am joking :oops:

    Any ideas for furtherance of stands ? This could be interesting :wink:

    Standby, Standby

    PS - Mrs TMA is desperately Looking for a period Ice Cream van with NI plates - preferably with 1001 or 1033 in its VRN. :oops:
  2. I have seen my local reenactment walts who have better vehicles than I did lol.
  3. Along with a number of colleagues from all 3 services, I will be at the event manning the stand at the "Welch Guards BG Anonymous Letters to the Independant" re-enactment society.

    No doubt other Arrsers will be able to drop by the stand and give us a share of their wisdom:


    Even though a riposte might be considered to be in order, I for one, will not be parting with a micron of the steam from my shit.

    For one former SNCO, who only got to the equivalent rank of WO III,
    I see that GIAO has already been able to write with some eloquence on this topic elsewhere on Arrse.

    Perhaps even some of the other enlisted might be able to work that one out for themselves, without a safety net or an officer, as well ?
  4. I could bring my lightweight L/R (without armour and wirecutter but with a dashing hardtop and genuine NI Vehicle Registration Number). If you wish I could tow around a representation of the luxury mobile home you lived in on the 3 Inf Bde car park until it I ceremonially set it on fire. This service would come at a price, which is a ridiculous quantity of Kentish ale.
  5. At least the fire got us out to living next door to one of Fermanagh's most wanted` Grandmother. She was most interested in my NUJ credentials and kept saying she could put me in touch with her grandson who had connections with a southern publication !

    Anyway your pyrotechnic training came in useful some years later I understand in the Atrim Area ? Best not promote a stand for that as it may attract the rozzers - again !
  6. I know nothing. I was far away elswhere and without motive and anyway the lighter was faulty and I thought it was only diesel. I know some corroborative details, though, and would unwillingly part with them if my conscience was cooled by a fan of dollar bills. We could do all this in public at the event if someone keeps the Old Bill occupied the while. Tell them there's some sort of foxhunt nearby or something.
  7. Very poor, even for you. Perhaps when you ever get an operational tour under your belt you might have scope to comment. No doubt you'll still be spouting forth the benefit of your inexperience.
  8. Oh no. Don't tell me adastra is another one with no operational experience who butts in to other peoples conversations. I had a bellyful of those the last time I was here.
  9. I have lurked around Arrse for a number of years now, trying only to chip in if I think I have something to contribute.. sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. In all this time I have never really understood Adastra. Grant you, we have never clashed or even disagreed but if I was Dustin Hoffman trying to play Adastra on stage I'd be struggling to get to the 'what's my motivation?' bit.

    The best I can come up with is that Adastra is like the bird at a bukkake party. Perhaps not much to look at in the cold light of day, perhaps insecure in her peer group, her opinions are not given the weight she thinks they deserve or evenly actively put down by colleagues, she takes on an alter ego in an alternative universe. This puts her at the centre of attention, no matter that she is debasing herself in front of the blokes around her, at least all eyes are looking in her direction. At the end of the day, the bukkake bird is actually a sad spectacle by the end of the evening, gaining temporary satisfaction from the attention but covered in the derision of her audience.

    Or is this overegging it ?

  10. "overegging" - like what you did there :)
  11. Perevodchik, devexwarrior and some others might like to accompany me in digging a girt hole, filling it with water and sitting in it, getting wet through and staying up for 48 hours while in a constant fug of diesel exhaust in order to re-enact the 1980s 14 Sigs experience. Extra points awarded to re-enactors bringing Embassy Number One and Gummibears.

    Ambient temperature at no time to exceed 0 degrees C unless it immediately spikes to over 35 degrees, in which case NBC Black to be adopted.
  12. I remember going to parties in Ashford that had only one girl present, so I used to mooch off to the Swan or the Man of Kent or the Market's upstairs disco. Now I've read FP's post I'm glad I did. I also have a very disturbing image of a fat RAF bloke covered in whipped cream.
  13. Sorry for going off thread - it's a discovery I made accidentally on hotel cable one night and didn't look for again.
  14. Not being a darksider - although I do have a certificate for climbing it after a bet with a rigger - does anyone know what happened to the `big H` on the border ?

    If not available on e-bay do you think you could re-create from some scaffolding poles Glad ?

    Mrs TMa says she had a mail in last night from Syrian gentleman wanting to know what price a `Stables Toga` would fetch :p
  15. We believe you. Almost as much as we believe GIAO's tale of hardship by the IGB; super deluxe trailers with penthouse suites, heating on demand and hot coffee at all hours were more in the 14 Sigs line, I'm told. 7 Int Coy grunts did the hard spadework/shivering/intensive briefing. It were hard, but we were happy.