RE electrician info needed pls

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by mclovin92, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. hi all, new to this site but the guy at the army careers office told me to take a luk an im finding it really informative. I completed my GCSEs this year got 5 Bs an a few Cs, have'nt started recruitment yet but im certain i will soon.the recuiter suggested a trade which i agree with as iv done some labouring since leaving school an enjoy working on the site with my dad but i have a few questions that i felt the recuiter didnt answer fully and after reading a few posts on here i thought id ask, sorry for any ignorance though. Firstly, would if i chose to be an electrician in the RE how much electrical work would i actually do? if any? i know that first and foremost i would be a soldier but im just wondering generally would i do much electrical work.Secondly, whenever i do end up leaving the army how well prepared would i be to work as an electrician in civvy street? a sparky i met on site told me i would have to train again which i just wanted to confirm? once again sorry for any ignorance.
  2. i take it one of the GCSE's was not English McLovin. ;-)

    i left The Corps after 23+ years as an electrician & never had to retake any exams, i was fortunate enough to do my trade for the majority of my careeer, after qualifying.

    have you tried reading the Army website about being an electrician????

    read this .... Royal Engineers » Civilian qualifications

    hope this helps in some small way.
  3. cheers, that link was spot on.
  4. i am doing it the otherway round, currently i am doing my 4 year electrical apprenticeship in civvie street - but i want to join the RE, is there anyway that i can do a test of competancy after my exams and fast track certain electrical principle's that i have already got?
  5. Yes, you need to speak to your recruiting staff, they will need to contact the RSME at Chatham to get the details. It can be done and has been done before. However, whilst you may miss out some aspects of the course and probably the aptitude testing, there is still a lot of training that you will not cover as a civvy. Do not expect to tip up, do a quick assesment and be sent on your way. :thumright:
  6. Its otherwise known as the Clerk of Works course :)
  7. Nope, you will find its known as the sparkies course. The Clerk of Works course is known as the Clerk of Works course as its a bit harder than a sparkies course.
  8. Hi mate, I was looking at going sparky before I switched to pom. But, when I was on a RE insight course I managed to talk to alot of sappers about what life was like for a sparky and the general consensus (Although it's obviously luck of the draw and different for alot of people) seems to be that sparky's tend to be more field orientated than actually trade orientated at the moment.

    Doesn't mean that you'll learn your trade and never touch it, but from some of the sappers I talked to at Gib and Brompton barracks, they generally say most Artisan trades tend to be doing the fieldie stuff.
  9. As a now "ex" my advice is not to look too much at how much of your trade you will be doing when you are in, but how much is it going to help you when you are out again, All artisan trades are usefull for when you return to civi street, be it after 3 years or 30 years. The trade training in the RE is very good, allowing you to get civilian recognised qualifications (and forget NVQs they are total rubbish for Civi employers). Your career path in the military will be chosen for you dependant on the rank you obtain, but at the bottom you will get some "out of chatham" trade training as its a pre-requisite (or was in my day). MY advice, pick a trade YOU want to do, as military and civilian afterwards, and go for it.

  10. I like that "a bit harder" - it must have eased off a bit on severity since my day!!!
  11. It was pretty damn hard when I did it also. I think my banter hit a nerve.....
  12. really???? you passed mate. ;-P

    BUT at least you got a shot at it unlike some of us, serves us right for being frequent fliers at lance-jack i suppose. :oops:

    i done trade basically from the time i passed my A2 until i got out at my 22 year point so that really is p1sh Wotnot, some people just don't like their trade & avoid it at all costs but are quite happy to accept the pay for it