RE Driver armourd engineer info?????

Hi all im wanting to apply for driver or armoured engineer and just got a few questions the reason im wanting to go for these is becouse the RE seems to be a pretty varied role and driving is something im interested in ive searched other forums and have most me answers but what im wondering is

1. apart from standard driving licenses and LGV etc what other licenses can you get just being a driver
2. What licenses can armoured eng get
3. is there much chance serving on field sqdns doing these two roles

Any help is much appreciated
B+E CatC Drops & from being armourd you will get your H licence which is tracked. you are not gaurenteed to be armourd at the end of your phase 2 traning you will be asked for your posting preference you will have the choice of UK north UK south Germany or NI. you will find most people will chose UK north if they come from the north ect which is silly why join the army if you want to stay near home. any way my point id if you chose germany you will get it and if you go to germany there is a good chance you will be armourd.The thing is if you join as a driver you will be in suport troop ie rear echelon. if you want to be in feild troop or armourd troop you need to join up as a disel fitter chipi sparkey brikie ect.
cheers for the reply funnily enough im from the north (Newcastle) and i want to go to germany so i can get out there and see the world thing is dont have grades for sparky etc thats why im going for a driving role but i think ill try for armoured if its the same licenses etc and the chance to get tracked seems a more exciting role than a standard driver thanks alot
Any trade can get driving quals, and use them. My drivers in HERRICK (Panthers, Ridgebacks & Huskies) were all from other trades.

Saying that it's the drivers by trade that do it all while on exercise in the UK/Canada/Kenya etc...

As for Armoured, don't think that you will be cornered by that and only ever be in a Bulldog. I have the support troop of a light role Squadron and still have ARMD guys.

Have you also considered POM?
if you have the required marks for a higher trade then i would suggest going for it as most lads can get their driving licences nowadays, feck me i left with my C+E and i was an electrician.
On tour now-a-days the make up of Sqn Tps allow for drivers to come from other trades. The need for such vehicles as Jackal, Mastiff, Buffalo etc means that there just aren't enough drivers within a MT to man everything. So quite often personnel from other troops will have the opportunity to get their Cat C and C+E licences, to allow them to drive these B Fleet vehicles.

However during peacetime, it's only the MT Drivers that can specialise further i.e. TEREX crane, TBT or ABLE. Crane is obviously handy to have for civvy street. The longer you stay in the MT the more you'll learn about transport management, again, useful for civvy street.

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