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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Guy_Gourdior, Jul 25, 2002.

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  1. Summer balls were indeed the preserve of Mess Kit and Long Dresses when I first joined the Regiment and over the years you could argue that standards have dropped.  But lets not blame the grown ups too much, after all its usually the Junior Officers who wish the ball could be in Fancy Dress or with a suitable theme.  Some of whom even own suits with no vents!

    Black Tie does seem to be the norm in Corps and Junior Regiments these days even if it does make it look like a Round Table or Rotary Club do.  I have to say I prefer White Tie myself to which the ladies should respond by dressing in an appropriate manner. I will soon be the PMC and can enforce these codes by the way.

    That said I do like the Young Officers Totty in short, but please only at Mess parties.  
  2. Mess Kit or fancy dress that’s what it should be, none of this dithering around with black tie.

    Black tie was introduced because the old and bold could no longer fit into their Mess Kit. If there are complaints about the beauties wearing shorts skirts/dresses, because it is going against the traditions of the mess, fine. Have them wear long dresses but the blokes should therefore be traditionally dressed in MESS KIT. Black tie is not  traditional mess wear (check ur history books) thus totty can go short..

    You never know there could be the fear that the young pups could enjoy themselves.

    Heaven forbid  
  3. GS,

    I agree.  The decline in the wearing of Mess Kit is due to Bn/Regt hierachy eating too many pies.  As a consequence the fat Ba****ds can't get in to their Mess Kit.  Young Officers pay a fortune for their Mess Kit and are denied exposure to the pulling power such attire can give you.  Unacceptable.  Come on BHQ/RHQ, get yourselves into the gym so you can get into your Mess Kit.  Let the Young Officers wear Mess Kit, at least they'll bring in more hot chicks for you to perve over.

    It has been said that some members of a certain Regt HQ prefer wearing a white Tropical Mess jacket.  Do they realise how effeminate this looks?  Perhaps it runs in the family.
  4. Lets be honest who gives a rats-ass if the Ring Master running the Big Top looks a bit girly as long as the strapping stallions get to cavort around in their highly expensive peacockesk Mess Kit beating the ladies off with a stick. Aah the good ol’ days.
  5. I agree with you young chaps - Mess Kit suddenly appears much more attractive to me.  I think i'll have a new wasteband put in straight away.

    But, Mess Kit is the equivalent to White Tie, and therefore ladies should wear long (even the young fillies GS).


    ::) ::) ::)
  6. So long as it's suitable for the occasion, who cares if its long or short.  Messes do seem fixated with the perpetuation of Victorian values.
  7. Edwardian actually :p
  8. Cuban (dictatorship) besides it doesn't matter let the fillies get dressed up the longer the dresses the more of the dirty carpets gets covered up back in the room. Woof, woof.
  9. Long or short makes no difference, it doesn't stay on too long if you play your cards right ;)

    Black tie has it's place at occaisional mess do's as you don't want to get your mess kit covered in drink/food/vom all the time.

    As for WEARING mess kit, well none of us have ever been to uni/OTC balls. nightclubs, weddings, misc nights out in mess kit have we? ever? ???
  10. Great to see this topic has developed some momentum.  Please indulge me with your views on the following:

    Suits for Dinner in the mess during the week?

    Blazers and flannels for sports teams?

    Female officers in trousers!
  11. Mess kit and long dresses get my vote every time.  There is no excuse not to dress up for balls and so many other occasions when we can wear balck tie and cocktail dresses.

    Personally, I enjoyed going out to buy long evening gowns to co-ordinate with  my man's mess kit (as the colours of the gowns I already had would have clashed).  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  12. Female officers in trousers, much better than skirts surely?  (for them)
  13. Black Tie for Dinner, Suits for Supper.

    Flannels and Blazers for Sports

    What female officers? - I couldn't possibly serve in anything but a Combat Arm!

    :p :p :p :p :p :p
  14. If girls get away with wearing a T-shirt by putting a jacket over the top in the mess trousers are no problem.

    I’ve given up worrying about it now they seem to get away with whatever they want anyway.
  15. The Girlies seem to get away with wearing what they like in all walks of life.  In my last civvie job in the City the blokes all had to wear suits each working day ,winter or summer.  The Girlies got away with t-shirts, sweat shirts, baggy trousers etc.

    (Thinking about it, the trousers might not have been baggy but the girl in side them.)