Re-dress Procedures and Timelines

Discussion in 'Reports & Promotion' started by pipelinepete, Sep 23, 2004.

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  1. Number One Son is considering a redress of OJAR. What are the timelines to get it in by? What date does the time clock start ticking? His CO has sneakily backdated by some months.

    He currently has the report unsigned on his desk. He obviously wants some advice and time to do some digging and thinking, so should he "sit on it", or comment at the bottom "reply to follow etc"?

    Is there an online source of AGAI type info or an AARSE FAQ help page?

    How and when does he get a case officer?

    Many thanks in anticipation.
  2. Redress of an OJAR?? Hell's teeth, what did it do? Accuse him of deviant sexual practices?

    Step one for all complaints is to attempt to address them informally first. Has he spoken to the 1RO responsible and raised his concerns? If he's been rebuffed, has he spoken to the 2RO? If both 1RO and 2RO concur and there's no joy then he should be considering whether their remarks are justified.

    If he still thinks there's a problem then his next resort should be to the Subject Officer's Comments slip, which is an integral part of the OJAR. This is his opportunity to say words to the effect of "massive personality conflict", "irrevocable breakdown of the working relationship", "severe professional differences" etc etc.

    These comments will be taken into account.

    Submitting an application for redress will ultimately achieve nothing in these circumstances. The complainant must believe he has been wronged (fair enough) and state what redress he believes he is entitled to. What would he ask for? A new 1RO who doesn't know him? A recommendation for promotion or extension when both 1RO and 2RO agree that he doesn't merit one? Too much argument, not enough legs.

  3. There is one comment in there about lack of robustness when dealing with discipline cases when he had powers of CO. He has been directed by the 1RO to "hang em high and get some cash back", but he took the legal guidance which was " this case is thinner than a fag paper". Soldier got "Mk 1 Bollocking" and CO went pear shaped.

    The remainderof the negative comments are vague but very damming at the same time. There has obviously been a clash of personalities, and his fellow officers often referred to him as the CO's whipping boy, which he took well as he realised this as well. It got so bad that his fellow officers opened a "book" on who the new whipping boy would be on the Regt Op Tour as N1S was not deploying.
  4. So no hope of getting the 2RO on-side to put pressure on the 1RO to not be such an arrse?

    It sounds like a prime opportunity for the Subject Officer's comments slip.

    The key questions you need to ask when faced with a poor OJAR are:

    Did I get a B grade overall? If so, no worries - it's an adequate report regardless.

    Did I get the recommendation for promotion that I deserved? If you desperately need a Yes/High/Excep in the 1 Up column and you haven't got it, kick up a fuss. If, however, you aren't within 3 years of your next promotion then don't worry about it.

    Did I get the career recommendation I needed?
    Need Staff College? A NATO job? A Trg post? Got the tick in the box? No worries. Lack of tick, however, needs to be addressed.

    Any other dramas? Subject Officer's Comments should cover it.

  5. Sorry to say, but the biggest problem with a redress is not only suggesting a solution, but the redress must be based on fact and not opinion.
    If the RO thinks you are a to**er he can almost say as much and you have no come back.
    Try everything but the official redress channel. Unless the RO has stated that you have killed somebody and you can prove you havn’t you are just fighting opinion.
    But the best of luck though.
  6. If the RO's comments were to do you an injustice, moreso than would otherwise have been the case if he had not made them, then certainly you can redress them.

    It is then for the RO to justify said comments and failing to do so constitutes a misrepresentation or negligent mis-statement.

    Unfortunately there is an element of fighting an opinion, but it is for the RO to have in his armoury matters of fact on which to base them.

    But I agree - the official re-dress route should be a oourt of last resort.
  7. Looks as if Sammy has his/her finger on the pulse better than me.
    Or it could be that I am a to**er and was just fobbed off. :oops:
  8. If someone does get an unnecessary slagging on their OJAR then it sets them back for a couple of years. So is there anything to lose by fighting the good fight?
  9. ask once and once only, informally, make your intentions clear and don't fall for the staling tactics trap as you only have 3 months to submit the complaint formally.

    It gets my go-nads, when I hear ROs abusing the reporting system just to get one over, or to hide their own incompetence. gone are the days were RO defence was "its just my opinion" brown starfish, I know of a case that is going to the high court very soon that will open a very big can of worms and it all started with a CR and an incompetent RO who then attempted to bluff his case after.

    good luck with the redress and stand stall
  10. I am continually amazed and dismayed by these tales of Manning Control and can only hope that there is naught but a tiny grain of truth to the picture painted by the article.

    However, it doesn't look like this issue with pipelinepete's N1S's OJAR. It just seems to be an unfortunate situation of a conflict of personality. I've worked with Dark Blue, Light Blue, DE, LE, PQO and one outstandingly insane ex-Infanteer and have never had a serious conflict, although I told all of them at one point or another that they were wrong. But there are officers out there who somehow make it to CO level despite having the man-management and diplomatic skills of a bonobo chimpanzee.

    Rest assured that both the 2RO and the MCM Div will know who the nutters are and allowance is made on the boards for such individuals.

  11. Its far worse :wink:
  12. I am unclear as why No 1 son is considering a redress - delay aside (which is another issue) is it COs opinion of him or there something factual there ?
  13. I finally got to see it in the felsh this weekend. There is a tad of opinion in there, but there is a whopping dose of incorrect ( so N1S tells me) fact which is seriously career damaging, especially regarding handling of discipline cases.
  14. Ask your RO to explain in writing the comments he has made and why. this is your informal route. if he is making untrue statments he will change them. without having to dig a bigger hole for himself. failing that if he attempts to steamroller you. Get the redress in without delay
  15. I agree with k, move quickly before it is too late. You need to flush out what the comments are, why they are there ie. evidence and why the 1RO diasagreed with the line that was taken. Good luck !