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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by welshlad91, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. i heard something that you could specialise as a diver in the RE. is this true? how can you get to do this? and how long do you have to be in the RE to be able to do this?

    any help is appreciated! :)
  2. It's not specialist. It's just one of the 18 (?) trades. However, some trades will also give you C+E (HGV licence). I'm sigs, and got my C+E.
  3. oh i was told that you can take a course when you've finished all your training to become a diver. and you get a pay rise aswell if you complete it? i don't mean DRIVER mind i mean diver as in water? lol :p
  4. Ah.... :oops: Once again my brain wasn't engaged properly.

    Yes you can. Apparently, it's quite a physical course though, 6 weeks I think. Level 3 pay is around £7 extra a day, level 2 is about £13 and level 1 (instructor) is around £19.

    I'm wanting to do EOD in a few years, which is also specialist pay and you don't have to be a human lung to do it.
  5. whats EOD? bomb disposal isit? i heard you can also be comando (spelling lol) engineer?
  6. Commando, para and tankie (although not to sure on this one).

    Para, EOD and Diver recieve specialist pay.

    You also have other trades like Well Driller and a few others which are availible from a specialist team unit.
  7. As an engineer you can do whatever you want to do if you pass the courses.... the world is your oyster
  8. oh right i look forward to it lads as long as i pass selection on the 14th now lol im more interested in the diver specialist than the others but we'll see what happens. does everyone get a chance to specialise in something or...?
  9. Armoured Engineer used to be a specialisation but in the past couple years theyve made it a trade of its own, not sure whether its still open as a specialisation
  10. is anyone EOD here?
    if so PM me please as would love to know more about the trade, as thats what i want to do
  11. Same here, I've tried and can't find much info anywhere.
  12. yup, pm me with what you want to know, I've been out a while but can give you some background.
    Now been doing commercial EOD for the last few years
  13. EOD isn't a trade you can join up to do specifically. If you get posted to 33 (EOD) Engr Regt you will do your bombs course (depending on trade etc). What level you do depends entirely on your rank when you get there.

    Diver is a specialised course which is pretty nails phys wise. It is not a stand alone trade but you can be posted into an HQ Squadron as the dive storeman (if you are qualified of course) and I think you can be posted in as the Dive Supervisor. The extra pay is worth it and you do get some good jobs out of it. If you are a Fitter (Utilities and Petroleum) and a diver you will be collared for one of the fuels exercises. Last year they took place in Gibralter. What a shi'ite lob, diving ofr 3 weeks in Gib mid summer. You have to weight this up against being at the bottom of a harbour, mid winter with 0 visibility. If you just want to dive there are BSAC courses that take place at Bovington from March to October each year.