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Call me a boring old git ( I have been called worse!!) but I would leave this one well alone until any Disciplinary Action is (or not) as the case maybe, is taken. This site is a communication medium and as such will probably be subject to the same restrictions as any other media. CO??? :-X


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Unbelievable Muckers, Is'nt it??  Officers - turn a blind eye, SNCO's/JNCO's - Fu*k thier career up totally..........It'll never change Mate, will it??? ;)
Been there,  Tapped the boards at Bulford CMC.  Luckily, i was found NG because it was SD.  However i was tarnished during the waiting time for my DCM  as a bad lad.  Things like this should be dealt with properly.  :mad:


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as an officer (a STAB 1@that) I do have to agree with your coments. I have never liked the way officers can get away with things a SNCO/JNCO/PTE would get jumped on for. We should be leading by example hopefully the officer concerned will get his just deserts
Never let the facts spoil a good story this is ARRSE after all.

As a Senior Subaltern it was my unpleasant duty to deck a fellow officer.  It did him good and I enjoyed every minute of it .

Sometimes you just have to be cruel to be kind ;D


Unpleasant duties that are carried out by officers normally get changed so that WOs do them.
I think this unpleasant duty may well be perfect for that! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
I kind of like the way that dual standards were applied across the sexes.... but quite relieved to know that female troopies are finally getting hammered for "inappropriate relationships" with their sub-ordinates..... I mean if a bloke did it.... with a married SSgt..  Oh well, that's the profession of officers out the window then! 8)


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You missed something.  If somebody head butted me, then as long as I am adamant that I want to press charges, then the offender goes down.

I know the victim is probably under pressure to drop charges, you know, the usual cr*p about he's got this problem and that, looks bad on Regt etc, etc, but if he is stubborn enough and wished charges to be pressed, then this guy would be going down.

I think the worst thing is that the victim was probably "advised" to drop charges.



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The worst thing is that unless ruperts do something that merits a CM they usually just get fined port, champers etc. This means that for doing stuff that would get you and me a reggie entry they can stump up a few notes and forget about it. Bring them under the charge system, says me.


If this is the same story I heard, I thought that something was being done about it?

When I first heard the story I thought "he probably deserved it",  but when I subsequently heard the background to it my allegiences changed entirely. An update would be appreciated.

We all know that a bit of G10 discipline is sometimes the best thing, but there is always the very fine line between what is "acceptable" and what isn't.

In this case the punishment didn't fit the crime, as, from what I heard there wasn't a crime to answer for.
SS said "Bring them under the charge system, says me."  I think you will find they are.  My unit had about 8 Officers, Capts through to 2Lts marched in front of the Dep Comd, 252's all filled out.  They were fined between £1200 and £600 each and the charge sheet then went on their personal folders in Glasgow for all at MCM Div to see.  I know that for one of them it had a major effect on his career.

The system is there, it is just whether the powers that be decide to use it.

Incidentally I was at an Army Cup rugby match a while ago when a Captain in the Engrs walked over and punched a SNCO on the opposing team.  The ball and play were on the other side of the pitch and the incident was witnessed by the CO and RSM of the SNCO's unit.  The CO immediately went and made a formal complaint and although the SNCO had nerves in his face destroyed and lost some teeth the officer was never charged - however a civil lawsuit may still catch him.

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