Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Maximillian, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys

    I have put my name down for Herrick 13, and it has been okayed by all, however I understand that I will not be covered by the Reserve Forces Act in the same way as I was when I recieved the call up for Herrick 10 back in November 2008.

    I am still awaiting confirmation on this, so if anyone is/was in the same boat recently I would be gratefull for any information you have on this matter.

  2. our lot who put there hand up are still getting the brown envelope if wanted/needed
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Nonsense - if you are mobilised, you are mobilised, and you can only be mobilised under the terms of the RFA.

    By 'covered by the RFA' I presume however that you really mean that you are concerned about one of two things - compensation for loss of earnings, and protection of employment. The first is covered by the RFA, and if you are mobilise dyou are covered. The second has nothing whatsoever to do with the RFA (or the MOD for that matter - it's employment law, and 'owned' by the Dept of Employment) but is covered by the Reserve Forces (Safeguard of Employment) Act 1985.

    I wouldn't be too worried if I were you. as a final check, though, give APC Glasgow a call - they will put your mind at rest (or not...).
  4. Oldsnowy

    Correct. I am not so worried about having the job being kept open, but its been hard enough trying to sell this to the missus so I cant tell her that I will be dropping pay as well.
    I was informed it would have to be an FTRS contract instead of a pukker mobilisation asTA soldiers can only be compulsorarily mobilised one year in five. This is not a definitive answer and is under investigation. Just wondered if anyone who was on H9/H10 and was being mobilised for these upcoming tours, and knew any different.
  5. the law states 12 months deployment in a 36months periord as a maxium, 12 months in 60 was the recomended tho
  6. I'm no expert, but I heard you can mobilise however often you want, you just have to sign some sort of waiver. We've got guys mobilised for Herrick last April who were out at Tosca with the Sigs a year previous.

    FTRS isnt compulsory, it's just like applying for any other job, so you wouldnt get your civvy pay (if it was more than the army pay), and I'd be surprised if there was protection for your job.

    Check out the Sabre website.
  7. FTRS holds no job protection
  8. Hi guys

    Just had an answer back from my PASO....I'll get my pay matched but no job protection. O.K with me as there are redundancies all round. Name now officially in the hat. Happy as larry now can't wait to be back out there should be an interesting tour.

    Thanks to all who replied.
  9. msr

    msr LE

    On what basis will you be mobilised? FTRS or RFA mobilisation? You can't have a hybrid of both, as pay matched = RFA mob = 'job protected'

  10. That cant be right. If you have no job how can you get your pay matched. If you get the mobilised you get the full package. If you go FTRS you get nothing.
  11. umm I do have a job. Came back off POTL/AL returned to work start of Feb(civil service). This week I asked if I wanted to go away again I said I did and the paperwork is hopefully being generated as we speak.

    It may not have been clear. There are redundancies on the horizon they have not happened yet, so I will have my pay matched to what I am on now, hopefully be on PDT in the next month or so after Chilwell.

    I am only stating what my PASO informed me. He has got his information through official channels and assured me my pay would be o.k but there would be little protection for my job.