RE Decanter Set

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 29072010, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. My husband is an ex Sapper. When he left he was presented with a decanter set embossed with the RE Capbadge. The set includes four glasses. Unfortunately one of the glasses has been broken and I wonder if anyone knows where I could get a replacement?


  2. come on Dolly who'd he kill shortly after that wee 'accident'
  3. you would need to win the lottery to shop there, they should wear masks behind the counter.


    :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  4. Thanks for the replies everyone you have actually saved my life!!
  5. It was nearly me! I was just dusting and it jumped off the dresser and comitted suicide!! (honest!) when it came round to owning up he was not a happy bunny. He said "Next time it needs cleaning I'll fcukin clean it. It didnt even need cleaning, just stop fcuking cleaning in fact don't touch my stuff!! Well that was me told!!
  6. Dolly...if he insists on talking to you like this then I suggest that you p*ss in his tea!