Re-cycled handbag

A guy with a talent for handiwork decided to give his wife a special gift, a handbag he would make, uniquely with her in mind. He wasn't going to tell her what material he'd use but, always being one for economy, he had the idea of rummaging in rubbish bins nearby to see what he could find. There was a synagogue just down the road and also a mosque in the other direction. He had a brainwave. Why not collect the discarded foreskins from the refuse put out by both these establishments, and sew them together to produce a sturdy handbag After managing to acquire the amount he would need he sat down and after many hours of intricate and eye-aching work sewing the foreskins together, finally managed to produce the desired article. He was proud of what he'd achieved, not least because he'd managed to integrate, both figuratively and in reality, two historically rival communities. Anyway, come his wife's birthday he presented it to her. At first she was perplexed, putting it down and looking at it quizzically, this odd-looking object consisting of patches of various shades of brown, some of them with 'wrinkles', sewn together. She asked what it was made from but he just smiled secretively and declined to tell her. As she gazed at this gift it started to look attractive. "You know, I think I actually could use it." she said "but I don't think it would hold much. It's a bit on the small side." The man said "Pick it up. Open it and put your hand in it." She did so. "Mmmm" she said "The material's got a nice feel to it." She started rubbing the back of her hand against the material then began to stroke it." Suddenly she shrieked - and dropped it. The man looked at her, but with an impish smile. "What's the matter?" he asked, with faux-innocence. "I'm not quite sure, but for a moment I had the impression that as I was stroking it it started to grow bigger!"
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