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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sparkysapper, Jun 1, 2007.

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  1. I saw the results this afternoon, congratulations to all that have been selected.


  2. Congrats on getting picked up guys.
  3. Congratulations to those who have been promoted :salut:

    It was my last look, no luck, as no CR written for 06/07 :frustrated:
    AGAI 70, RBL or just let it go!

    Oh well give it a few more hours and start on the Glenlivet
  4. You must be as old as me then LOL

  5. Been sat at home today, the obvious lack of a call from work seems to indicate my name is sadly missing from the list too.
  6. Seen a few names on it that bemuse's me. Im not bitter just not in zone, but hey.
  7. Yeah a few got picked up at my unit. Even the sappers were in the mess tanking the beers afterwards. We went out on the town with 43 of us, then a recently promoted sergeant smacked me one in the gob :evil:

    However everyone was so wrecked, and I have to be taken to A&E cause I was so drunk. HOORAY!!!
  8. NT were you gobbing off again????? and what were you doing out on the piss when you are supposed to be getting your fitness sorted.

  9. Now now, maybe he was on the white wine spritzers.
  10. If he was drinking that then he deserves to get smacked, the POOF.

  11. Glad to see that there were some people on the board who really deserved promotion. Congrats!
  12. .........A little Note.

    I had the pleasure of being a Corporal for 9 years!

    Interview with CO 23 Engr Regt....sorry Cpl C but despite your A's on your CR and the best efforts of all of us RE Manning have informed me that you will NOT get promotion!

    4 weeks later posted to Chep., as SQMS (Sgt).

    So those of you who might be on yer last chance...YOU JUST NEVER KNOW!

    To you guys who have been promoted..Congratulations....use it DONT abuse it!

    All the best
  13. Apparently Grimbish picked up the most promotions? Well doen to one and all. Now it just so happens one of my mates has some reds going cheap....

  14. Congrats to all who picked up.
  15. Congrats to one and all. being a civvie now i can't see the list and I expext I wouldn't know most on it anyway. :D

    I've got a set of mess kit going cheap if anyone wants some.

    NT I expect you deserved the slapping, hope it hurt. :twisted: