Discussion in 'Aviation' started by RealityCheck, Dec 18, 2002.

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  1. KennyR..think I know you..took over in FI from your mob. Recall TN, but not heard of since about 88 / 89. Sadly, cant help. Last I heard of you was you were Canada bound?
  2. Didn't you used to play the saxophone....?  ;)
  3. F-S, sorry you have the wrong guy.  The only instruments I play are on the panel in front of me.  Thanks for the reply though.
  4. Ah...sorry....thinking of Kenny G.....
  5. Kenny G is evil.

    To think I was building up a delightful mental picture of you F_S and then you go and throw Kenny G into the frame.

    You've let yourself down, but more importantly you've let the Media down.

    I need to lie down... :eek:
  6. Last I saw of T-N was in 66o fighting off the Chinese hoards ! Or was it drinking copious amounts og Carlsberg ?
  7. Sawasdee, What year did you see him in Honkers?