Re-covering a coil sprung

I would like to re- cover my coil sprung mattress. I've had it years and its well comfy, but after many postings the covering is starting to look a bit tatty. And no its not through persistant swamping action. I realise its probably cheaper to buy new, but like underwear, it takes ages to get new stuff to be as comfy as the old. Any ideas?
I have no prior knowledge of this, but, talking to a mattress firm on another matter I asked about recovering. They said, 1. labour cost would be much much more than that for making a new mattress; 2. doubt if anyone would be willing to handle an old mattress, "like asking a tailor to sew old soiled and unwashed cloths" ; 3. re delivery they are prevented by law from carrying new and old mattresses in the same vehicle! - apparently applies to manufacturers but not retail?

Suggestion was perhaps contact a furniture loose cover maker, or a ready made such as John Lewis sell?

Appears they start from £5 and are no doubt sold elsewhere - John Lewis Polycotton Quilted Mattress Covers online

Probably anorak, but QI.

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