RE Corps Enterprises - Your thoughts please?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by The_world_is_flat, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. What do you think of RE Corps Enterprises based out of Chatham? Specifically is there anything that you think they should stock but currently do not? Do you have any other comments on level of service, ease of purchase or anything else positive or negative?

    I am not a journo or anything else, rather a serving WO who's been "volunteered" to do some research and I couldn't think of a better place to start than here. Any feedback gratefully received, though if you have any particularly negative comments it may be better to PM me rather than wash the Corps dirty linen in public. I will certainly pass them on. Corps Enterprises is very keen to provide the best service it possibly can.

    RE Corps Enterprises is a Limited company in its own right which is owned by the Corps of Royal Engineers and run for the benefit of current serving Officers and Soldiers, retired members of the Corps and their families. The Corps shop and mail order centre is located in Brompton Barracks, Chatham, the “historical” home of the Corps. All profits generated by sales are gift aided to the Royal Engineers Central Charitable Trust at the end of each financial year.
  2. Hello WO RE
    Back a while, we had a new Veterans day, created about the 27th of June.

    Being a WW2 Sapper I tried everywhere to find some Royal Engineers car flags, similar to those that everyone had when the football was on., Could not find any, even wrote to the MOD, and the REA.
    Not to be outdone I had two of each car fllags, specially made, Cost me an arm and a leg.
    with the inscription
    Sword Beach June 1944
    Market Garden, September 1944 Nijmegen
    Another with a white 49 on a blue square background (Company ident number)
    Another with the Third Div sign
    A union, a Canadian, and the stars and stripes,(Little one )

    But nowhere could I buy the car flags that I wanted most, A flag with the RE colours and one with the badge in Gold.

    Only one at a time on the car. but it is satisfying to remember my old mates that never came home.

    The RE flags that I most wanted? Specially the colours and the badge.
    Nothing anywhere.
    If they are made? I would be pleased to know about it.
    Ex Sapper Guy
    246 Field Company RE
    Monty's Ironsides.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator


    Just to reinforce World is Flat's intro, this is a sensible post, designed to seek sensible comment from the wider Sapper community (serving, retired, or just interested) on Corps Enterprises. Many on here will have bought the products - either directly, or through PRIs etc - so this is a worthy piece of work.

  4. TWIF - thanks for you reply to the PM - is there a website?
  5. Chimera - any chance of stickying the web address at the top ofthe board?
  6. It's a very good online shop, have bought the Follow The Sapper, by Gerald Napier (Corps History) a few months ago from them and must admit, it is outstanding, a MUST HAVE for all serving and former Sappers!!!

    Will place my thoughts here later of other items I would like to see in the Corps Enterprises Shop...

  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I will leave it on the main page for a few days (I think it catches the eye better there), and then "Sticky It" as it starts to move down.
  8. Thanks - anything that raises the profile, all the better.
  9. Being we are the best, or in my case, once belonged to the best. Why do we not advertise that fact That is where the car flags come in.

    The RE cap badge on a car flag? Lets face it, if you've got it why not flaunt it ? Great big grin ! :) :)
    Ex Sapper Swordman
  10. personally i do not buy any kit (i am the man at Q & M's) however i have bought presentation pieces from there & always found the shop to be very good. like gundulph i also purchased "follow the sapper" which is a fantastic read.
  11. Fully agree AKTTE... Still reading it, really great to look back through all the major happenings with the Corps!

  12. Havent bought things from the Sapper Shop in all honesty. I avoid the PRI like the plague too, preferring to shop online usually at other Kit outlets.

    I do however intend to purchase another Corps Tie at some stage. The last one I bought from a shop online, where I found it cheaper than the Sapper Shop 8O

    I think my previous view (as a young Sapper) of the Sapper Shop as somewhere to buy overpriced pointless articles such as paperweights, decanters, tie pins, and similar tat, etc is what has steered me away from using it. I do know that there is more to the shop, however those non corps specific items I can usually find cheaper elsewhere.

    Not trying to upset anyone, just simply replying to the original questions :)

  13. Probably have to agree with you on that one Fatbadge. However I think a Corps tie is a must.
  14. Have a look at for a pretty decent of an example I bumped in to while on a course down there. Not much else going for the camp though!

    The PRI at Gutersloh is up there in the premier league and is absolutely top notch. A couple of the staff were pretty good looking too, which is always nice!