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hi, i am joining as a CSE in late march 2012 and am trying to get as much information as possible before i start. i have read all threads on here relevant to the trade but i still have a couple of questions i cant find the answer to.

1. this may seem stupid but i'm pretty much clueless... what regiment(s) am i likely to join as a CSE

2. i am interested in going into bomb disposal (since i failed the selection for ammo tech) but im not too bothered if its not possible or whatever. anyway, how would i go about putting myself forward to specialise, as i am also loosely considering diving and am currently SSI qualified. all it says on army website is that i should 'ask to specialise in BD'

3. finally, what would my role as a CSE be on a typical day ie what would i do day to day when not on ops or exercises etc and what jobs/ role would a CSE do on tour, which i am really keen to do. i read on another thread that on tour you will be 'working in HQ, driving or combat engineering.

all information/ replies welcome- i have a lot to learn! also, there is no job description for CSE on the role finder website and i've misplaced the copy my recruiter gave me

cheers, oli

ps. this is all i can find on the army website... not particularly helpfull IMO
Communications - British Army Website


There is a post in the stickies section called "Everything You Wanted to Know" - read through that as it gives some good advice. As a Military Engineer CIS Spec you could be posted to any unit in the Corps first tour, although it is liekly that you will get one of the "mainstream" regiments: 21, 22, 26, 32, 35, or 39. If you are interested in RE EOD then ask for 33 or 101. Diving is a specialist qualification for which to volunteer once in a unit after training. Beware - RE Diving is NOT glorified sport sub-aqua and is more akin to commercial diving (i.e. think cold, dark, smelly rather than spotting exotic fish)

As for what you do - you should have picked up that Sappers are dual traded combat/artisan, so you you do mixture of each, and it is impossible to determine how much as it wlll depend on what you squadron is up to. You will however (the clue is in the name) spend time operating and maintaining comms kit.
1 - postings are primarily preferential so you can choose UK&NI (although not many get posted to NI these days), Germany
(well... scotland) but you can VOLUNTEER for the following -
23 air assault (a fitness course followed by the issue of a pink lid, an impractical smock, a 1000 yard stare and new vocabulary)
24 commando eng reg (getting smashed about beaches, hills and rivers whilst trying to 'learn' the way of the commando on
'the flank' enables you to dress up as a woman and fight naked with roll mats and wear a pea green lid)
33&101 search &EOD (take pictures of your legs and arms, you might miss them)

12 initial postings possible plus 2 TA (AFAIK)

2- you can volunteer for 33+101 EOD (be careful what you wish for!) but as a signaller your role is more HQ based and thus you
might not get out as a 'fieldie' to do disposal but instead work alongside EOD as signals support. As far as diving goes, anyone can
do a divng course providing you pass the arduous training (it is genuinely supposed to be pretty grim) without a problem.. you can
do any and all specialist roles if you wish... except amphibious.

3- The C3 course itself is a good course, I enjoyed it personally and the exercises are pretty hard but good with a naughty run in at
the end of Ex final challenge. When you are on tour you may well be working in an Ops room or out on patrol as a Troop signaller
doing warry shit such as EMOO and shooting an invisible enemy etc. Same applies for exercise really. Alot of people put the trade
down however It's as good as you make it and everyone needs a signaller.

When you are not on tour or exercise or down the NAAFI you will maintain kit, practice and revise everything you have learned at
Gib as often as you like, do PT and any other jobs that a junior sapper may get to do.

Further down the line you could choose to go to work for 'them' as a special forces communicator in a Sabre group doing ninja
things with G4 weapons and crazy super radios. :ufo:

Any more questions just ask...

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