RE, commando, sparky, germany - advice?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by food, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Hi folks,

    After many months consideration I've decided to join the RE, I have just withdrawn my RM app though I was due to start recruit training on Monday.

    If I join as an electrician (or plumber or potentially something else) will I be eligible to do the AACC? From what I've read, a few years ago if you put down 24/59 independent cdo squadron at the beginning of phase 2 you would be guaranteed to get it, is that still the case with the downsize etc? Is the AACC open to all trades?
    Do trades like plumber and electrician do alot of combat engineering? (a plus for me)
    What is the likelihood of a first posting to Germany?
    Finally, what level course do you have to do to get a trade qual that will actually be directly transferable to civvy street? eg. RE electrician to qualified civvy electrician

    My current goals are - get a good transferable trade, get a green lid, get posted to germany. Are the last two mutually exclusive?

    I'm gonna preemptively laugh at the incoming unhelpful responses ... hahahahahaah, maybe now you don't have to post them? Yes I've read all the threads I could find relating to my questions blah blah

    thanks in advance,

    any other *career* advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Do it asap, your motivation 'may' not be as strong after a tour, couple of good exercises, plenty of mates, piss ups ect ect, not always the case for some but strike whilst the irons hot.

    There is a 'handsomeness' test on day one so if your face looks fire damaged forget it :)
  3. I intend to do it right away, of course... I just want to make sure that the option is available to me, and also want to know if I could still get deployed to Germany. Though, I'll probably fail the handsomeness test.
  4. I should imagine that after spending zillions on training you on the AACC, they might want you to spend some time in a Commando unit, by which time Germany may well have been closed down.
  5. I suspected as much... sigh, guess I'll just have to wait and see
  6. Food,

    Volunteer for 59 at Phase 2. (24 may very well not survive drawdown). You will most likely go to Chivenor after your Trade Course, although if the timing of courses is out of synch you may go to Achnacarry Troop first.

    Germany isn't what it used to be and a lot of the troops are preparing for the slow death of drawdown. Apart from cheap beer and a little bit of LOA, you may as well be in a UK unit.

    I did 11 years at 59, best thing I ever did.

    Do it, do it now.
  7. Mind you, I wasn't looking to get out as soon as I got in, of what value to you is the Commando qual in civvie street?
  8. Pose value.
  9. Nothing like cutting things fine! I can't advise you on the RE side of life, but why the change of heart so late in the day?
  10. You don't need to pass the course for that FFS.

    Especially if you're a gym instructor with a BFO tattoo.
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  11. Thanks everyone for the replies

    Bluntslane, I would not want to get out as soon as I get in, but I would like if possible a stint in germany, but it would be my priority. Would you know if all trade are eligible to volunteer for 59?

    I want to do AACC for alot more reasons than pose value.

    It was cutting it very fine, I just decided that my heart wasn't in the rm, I ca barely understand it myself.

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  12. Why the **** would you do the commando course and not want to serve with 3 Commando Brigade you wretch? Get out, you're ******* barred!
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