RE coming to Bicester??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DublinDes, Oct 11, 2008.

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  1. I have the displeasure of living in Bicester, i've heard a rumour that a regiment, (apologies if thats the wrong description), of Sappers are coming to the town on a permanent posting.

    Anyone able to confirm this? Opsec permitting.

    I personally thing that its just what the town needs, and that a few hundred Sappers would prove a lovely wake up call for the chav mongs that infest Sheep Street of a weekend.

    Also any RLC SNCOs based at Bicester who could PM me? I've information that might be of interest to them. Cheers.
  2. Rumour control has Bicester earmarked as a new super garrison with St Georges being rebuilt along the same lines as St Davids, shame they sold off all the married quarters!

    Plenty of room to build on though!
  3. you will love the Engineers, shame its not an Armoured Engineer regiment lol
  4. Am (in the boonies) not far from Bicester, and its a shame that what is - at its core - a nice old market town, has been surrounded by massive estates full of chav scrotes from hell. The amount of those burberry cap clad ******* and their hooped earring 'croydon facelfit' sporting chavettes is way beyond saturation point.

    Accordingly I tend pop in to Banbury - and it is only a little better. or make the slightly longer trek down to Oxford itself.

    Be interesting to see what comes of this RE rumour.
  5. My Cousin did 6 years in them, great bunch of lads as i recall. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    There's a minority of scum in Bicester but they're just very visible. They ruin the bloody pubs, most people i know head out to the villages nearby for a drink. Walked through it today and the amount of pretend hard men i saw made my blood boil.

    I'd have thought that 500 odd Sappers will straighten them out nicely.

  6. Yeah, think that 'visibility' angle may be the crux of it.... it could be a nice little place,... and I dont think there are really that many of the chav scum in the town, but the ones that there are do seem to be very out there and in your face.