Re closed thread RAF Board Moderation Policy.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by kilo42, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. RAF Board Moderation Policy

    Righto chaps this board is now moderated, I ask all users to follow these guidelines.

    Post within the overall site rules as laid out in our terms and conditions.

    Obvious RAF baiting will be removed especially with regards to capability, banter within the context of the thread is fine subject to mod approval.

    Army v RAF Regt will be destroyed on sight as will references to 100 year experiments, save it for the naafi.

    Any problems please pm me or hit the report post button.


    Christ on a bike, that's the sort of tripe that makes the RAF board so fucking boring, and why I stick to ARRSE; I truly cant believe that you cant hack a bit of RAF baiting. What happened to your fucking balls? Bite back the brown jobs are easy meat, they have no idea as a rule about the RAF.....Ugh hang on a minute neither do I any more, if this sort protectionist shite is what you are about.
    Not verbal fisticuffs and jousting between the Rocks and pongos, Jesus H, fucking pathetic.
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  2. Oh dear!!
  3. What will we do all day? Is Disco part of the RAF PR machine or is he related in come way to PR totty?
  4. I personally think that the RAF part of Arrse should be binned. The RAF have fuck all to to with the Army, and they bring fuck all to the forums except their crimpoleen working dress.

    They've got PPrune for all their grooming needs.
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  5. Er, look at the RAF Forum. The vast majority of threads are started by the MoD RSS News feed, a few posters then take the piss and the threads soon wither.

    I think it is an excellent metaphor for the junior service and its inferior caste of management consultants masquerading as officers whilst planning slumber parties so they can get their fishy fingers with other people's wives.
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  6. Still got tears running.
    Mind you having seen the number of posts from sojers about uniforms and other bits of dressing up, I am surprised that so many of you can drag yourselves away from the bathroom mirror or your reflection in shop windows to find the time to post on here.
  7. PA has a point E-goatfondler or whatever is called for the dorty crabs....

    Go and scrawl you pink gind rivel elsewhere, its obvious the crabs werent man enough to join up......
  8. as usual, fixed, no fee etc etc.

    that's my taxi? thank you.
  9. Surely the RAF would be more interested in a sleeping houseguests webcam forum?
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I think the RAF should have their say as in this age of muticulturism some people are interested in the mechanics of man "o" man loving.

    In old money, the RAF are botters.

  12. I say old chap!

    Nothing wrong with Johntie and the other chaps wearing a jaunty peaked cap with a rampant chicken on it and a luxuriant moustache!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Its obvious that they like the wit and banter of us dirty pongo's....

    The craveat wearing - cigarette holder smoking - pink gin swilling - lack of humour infested gaylords......

    They all wanted to be in the army just didnt have the minerals to join........ I say bin the RAF forum
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  14. They started going downhill when they started calling their dogs the 'N' word.

  15. Now available in paperback