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Hello all.

I am enquiring on behalf of my nephew who is in his 2nd Year of OTC. He is, as far as i am aware being taxed, and is entitled to claim it back. He attends on UOTC, attends University in another, and resides during the holidays in a third.
I was wondering if anyone could outline the procedure and provide any links to appropriate websites/phone numbers.
I have tried, but not great with the internet, and his parents are going slightly spare about his lack of money?
Many thanks in advance
Never OTC, but a few run-ins with HM Tax Inspectors. The faceless ones hurt, but at a human level the ladies at the largest local tax office he can get to are really, really helpful. I could hug them all in mine.

I've gone in there almost in tears at threat of a summons for a four-figure sum, come out with a cheque for three figures and an apology for my distress. Not entirely their fault, I just didn't know what I was entitled to. Normal routine is to queue patiently having given a brief synopsis, within an hour a specialist on that subject takes you to a private room for a chat. Like vetting, tell them everything.

I've been three times over the past seven years, I was part of the experiment on PAYE combined with Self-Assessment but it went t1ts up every year. Never came out dissatisfied.

Get the lad to take a morning off, get down there. If he don't / won't, perhaps he's using this as cover for some lifestyle issues? Youngsters, eh?
The tax office he needs to deal with are Ty Glas in Cardiff. The way to do it is sending the P60 with a covering letter stating that he is in full time education and where. The address is:
Government Buildings
Ty Glas
CF14 5YA
and the phone no is:
0845 300 3949
Make sure that he rings them first!
Madkev, My local tax office were my first port of call and they reffered me to Cardiff to get the rebate. As for the lifestyle you may just be right; two of my housemates are in the OTC (I'm T.A.) and i'm sure they've told me they don't get taxed at source.
If he don't / won't, perhaps he's using this as cover for some lifestyle issues? Youngsters, eh?

In fairness, he goes to uni and does otc and nothing much else and doesn't have any time to get a part time job. ( i know all this because live in same city as him) but due to the flawed system, he gets a relatively small student loan, and as such, essentially lives off his OTC wage and a small weekly contribution from his parents. As such, a lump sum returned from the tax man would be a great relief.
No worries, it was what i thought in the first place too, and the lad has been brought to tears about his financial situation. Uncle Notos had to bail him out just before Christmas when his Uni fined him for something that happened when he was off campus! As i said he's a good lad, just being shafted sideways by a daft system and unhelpful employers that just bring the shutters down when he mentions the OTC.
The advice given will be shortly forwarded as he is off on some mod 3 business, but will surely bring him some relief. If anyone else has any advice etc, it would be greatly recieved.
His Uni fined him for something?


If you wouldn't mind, can I have some more details? I can't think how a University could enforce a fine.

Cynical moi?

mr_pr said:
They are quite effective at enforcing fines. If you don't pay they just refuse to issue your degree come graduation!
Fair point, I hadn't thought of that. Then again, I sacked Uni after my first year to join the Army instead.

Many apologies if I have misjudged the situation...


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