RE: CCF Royal Marine Amphibious Courses


I have already posted this on Rum Ration but was wondering whether anyone has any information regarding this course or the Reg equivalent. Im just curious to what the course would involve and what uses it has in the CCF.

I know 29 Commando Regt run trining courses for the cadets couldnt tell you what was involved however if you interested i could make some calls?

As for what it would give how about

More military experience
Good training
Exposure ti the military with regards future employment
And most importantly you will a fantastic day doing things your mates will never do!!
Cheers meiktilaman, be good to get some info on it. I put up a notice about it today and within an hour 15 people had asked about it, which isnt't bad in a contingent of 60. Also were moving cap badge to Rifles some time soon so could be quite useful.
Do you reckon it would be possible to incorporate this into a summer camp? or in today's H&S climate would this not be feasible for cadets?

Thanks again
MM not sure as I was never involved it! However i will ring a mate who works in the training wing and he should be able to give me a number for your adult staff to ring and chat!

The regiment is kicking butt in Afghanistan at the moment so not sure who is left behind or what sort of package they could offer but i will get abck to you with a number ASAP


War Hero
I did the Marine Cadet Arduous course at CTC RM Lympstone a few years back if thats a similar sort of thing PM me and I'll try and answer any questions
Meiktilaman and Wedgy cheers, if you could both PM me any information that would be great.

Thanks once again, if you can think of anything else that would be good.

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