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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by plant_life, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. Have just got in contact with one of my mates from college who I haven't seen for donkeys. He is in the R Sigs as a rad op but isn't too happy at the moment and wants to retrade to a job which you can use in civilian life. How difficult is re capbadging and what is the procedure? He is a JNCO and has been in a while.
  2. Surely radio operator R Sigs would translate well into Call Centre operator, civvy street??
  3. He wants to stay, sensible suggestions only please.
  4. Maybe RE is the way ahead. Tell him to ask for an appoinment with his RCMO reference a transfer.
  5. I told him that there is a £2000 bonus for re trading to fitter. Maybe that will help!
  6. Yeah, that would do it for most!!! Just tell him not to be bullied into going C3!!! Although, hopefully, they wil realise he wants to get away from that... you'd like to think, anyway.
  7. surely when they realise he is a scally already they will push him firmly toward the c3s side of life :?: :?: :?: :?:
  8. They may let him retrade to something other than C3S however, when he arrives in a unit they will place him where they see fit (as they do with all sappers regardless of what it says on the posting order) so he will probably end up doing sigs regardless. As Knocker said though chances are they will offer him C3S as a retrade or nothing - depends on what they are short of at the time.
  9. Dental nurse!

    They have a shortage in the RADC!!!!
  10. I once considered that before I got out - that, to me, looks like one of the best jobs in the Army, if your medically inclined. They just seem to get left alone, to get on with their job.
  11. if you want a cushy job where you do absolutely nothing & get all the perks going then join the ..................................................RAF :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. The Army is his oyster so to speak. The RLC,RE,REME, etc all have a plethora of trades usefull in civvy strasse. So have the R. Signals, maybe he might find it easier to retrade in house ? I am ex R.Sigs & attempted to rebadge several times but was blocked by the MRO on the grounds of the Corps being short of my trade. However when I enquired into a re trade within the Corps, there was no problem with it.
    IMHO he should follow his heart & do what he wants to do,& not what the Army wants him to do. That way everyones a winner. The Armys happy with a contented (?) soldier & the soldiers happy doing what floats his boat. If it dont happen then he,ll end up like me & get stuck in a job you hate,get pi55ed off with it & eventually sign off. Good luck to the fella, hope it works out for him.

    Regards LT.
  13. Maybe he could join the AGC (SPS) they need clerks everywhere a good skill to take to civi street, the world will always need clerks. What about transferring to the Austrailian Army i here they are crying out for british military at the moment. worth considering.
  14. With the introduction of JPA, joining SPS branch is a little less attractive these days, especially as no one is really quoting manning figures. I'd also question the value of SPS in the outside world.

    If you want to stay within the MoD, or Civil Service generally you might do well, but that's generally the only place for a pure admin person these days. Industry want different things for the most part.
  15. You need to be a Sgt to keep your rank when transfering to the Austrailian Army. Their benefits are pretty good though, had a mate who has done so.

    To be pretty much guaranteed of keeping rank when transferring, the SPS may be the way ahead, as there is a current shortage of 200 full screws in the corps at the moment. (Not sure about other ranks). We have already been told at my det that there will be no-one paid off as even after they get rid of all the unneeded posts after JPA, we will still be slightly undermanned.