Re-Capbadging to RLC DrvRadio Op (TA)

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by macmatch, May 21, 2006.

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  1. Changing Cap badge as trade pretty much dead (CMT)

    Was wonder about the Radio Op course, TA.

    Any information appreciated

  2. Currently the Driver Radop trade is rated as B3, B2, & B1 each course is run at Grantham depot for two weeks. I believe there was a plan to group all specialist Driver Radops and loan them out to the Specialist Regiments. Independent units also use the Grantham courses.
    I believe that some trades are interchangeable such as the Driver Linesman trade as much of it is the same syllabus. Im currently looking deeper into this as a local Signal unit is moving locations and will be displacing some of this trade group in my location.
  3. Cheers for that.

    Any idea what the trade pay is like, not that it matter as changing anyway.

    How far can you take the Radio Op.
  4. Regular post is WO2 - Independent TA is ceilinged at SSgt in role, but that's a RHQ post.

    Bear in mind that the role is dual-traded, so you've the opportunity to move across to the Driver role if you want to be the SQMS or get the SSM's post if you have the ambition.

    Each Sqn has a det, although BOWMAN will have an impact on most RLC units I would suggest, just from the point of locating the comms assets.