Re-Capbadging to RLC DrvRadio Op (TA)

Currently the Driver Radop trade is rated as B3, B2, & B1 each course is run at Grantham depot for two weeks. I believe there was a plan to group all specialist Driver Radops and loan them out to the Specialist Regiments. Independent units also use the Grantham courses.
I believe that some trades are interchangeable such as the Driver Linesman trade as much of it is the same syllabus. Im currently looking deeper into this as a local Signal unit is moving locations and will be displacing some of this trade group in my location.
macmatch said:
Cheers for that.

Any idea what the trade pay is like, not that it matter as changing anyway.

How far can you take the Radio Op.
Regular post is WO2 - Independent TA is ceilinged at SSgt in role, but that's a RHQ post.

Bear in mind that the role is dual-traded, so you've the opportunity to move across to the Driver role if you want to be the SQMS or get the SSM's post if you have the ambition.

Each Sqn has a det, although BOWMAN will have an impact on most RLC units I would suggest, just from the point of locating the comms assets.
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