Re capbadgeing to do what exactly?

After serving 6 years in the Royal Signals, and having some great times, i believe it is time to move on with my life and take a different career path. I joined as a boy soldier at 16, made it to the dizzy rank of Lance Jack in my chosen trade, and still have 18 years colour service left. On completion of my class 1, which im loaded on in a couple of months time, and completing the required time bar period im seriously thinking of re badging and coming over to the medical side of life. Its something thats always appealed to me.
My questions are thus as follows. Considering ive no quals except my telecomms certificates and GCSE's, which was would be the best way into the RAMC? I have no clue about jobs, and despite searching army.mod, armynet and google, i still have no idea what jobs are on offer! Im after something along the lines of paramedic or similar. I wouldnt want to be doing the same kind of job as a health care assistant (The missus does this in civvy street and although enjoying it, it doesnt sound like my cup of tea). Despite trying to be loaded on the Regimental Medical Assistants course numerous times, this always fell on deaf ears in my last regiment.
Although not disgruntled in my current job, i just feel there is no point in continuing anymore. I dont seem to do anything different.
Im after something that will challenge me, and give me something different everyday. Also, something that might get me attached to other arms, and get me on a few more op tours. Ive done far too many tours lately, and i know that you guys are stretched at the moment what with Afghanistan and Iraq, so what is your current turn around for ops?
Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


War Hero
Morning mate... could you not do either a part time course or online course for some A-Levels for a year 1st? - i'm sure the Army would pay towards further education? Or you could do an Access course in Health, which is seen as same level as A-Levels, but related to the area you want to have a career in.
Then you could apply to to become a Nurse or ODP - the Army would pay for your course, still pay you a full time wage, and you'd go off to Birmingham City Uni to do a 3 year course in nursing or 2 year course in Operating Department Practice and have a proffesional qualification under your belt 8)

Have a look at these websites for further insight into life as an ODP and what the University is like.