Re: Cake

A young cockney painter is on a job which takes longer than he expected. Finding he is late for lunch he nips into the nearest town to find himself some grub. The only place open is a posh looking patisserie come delicatessen.

He wanders in and a well spoken, blue rinsed lady, behind the counter asks if she can help him.

He explains and she says, "Well, young man, I only have a few of our cakes left now; but you are welcome to have any of these half price."

Seeing a gorgeous cherry concoction with loads of cream and sponge he says, "Tell yer wot luv I`ll take a bit of that gattox there."

The woman smiles at him, takes the cake from the display with a slicer and carefully puts it on greaseproof paper in a pretty coloured box and wraps it with a ribbon.

She places it on the counter and says, "There you are... I hope you don`t mind me saying so but this cake is a Blue Forest Gateaux - not gattox."

Embarrassed, the young painter thanks the lady for the correction.

She says, "Oh not at all; that will be £4.50 please."

To which the young man replies, "£4.50 for that little bit of cake - Bolleaux!"

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