RE Buzzwords and Phrases for the Week.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Fatbadge, May 19, 2007.

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  1. No doubt done at Troop level for O Groups and Heads of Sheds meetings, maybe we could extend it and widen it amongst the Engr ARRSE community.

    Should you choose to accept the challenge, please try to insert the relevant word / phrase into your briefings or parades.
    Bonus points for use at Regimental level!!

    Monday 21 May 07 first parade:


    Monday 21 May 07 afternoon parade:


    Monday 21 May 07 O Group/Meeting:

    Shoot ahead of the duck


    Gundulph: The Monk who replaced Humphrey de Tilluel.
    Ubique: 'Everywhere' (in Latin)
    Shoot ahead of the duck: Think ahead. Plan ahead.

    Format for challenge:

    Singular words for use on parades,
    Phrases for use in meetings and O Groups

    The next person (who feels like doing so) has to post up two words and a phrase as above for the following day and has to include a brief description of the word or phrase to allow people a fighting chance of knowing wtf it is! Try to aim to include at least one Corps related word or phrase.
  2. Anyone found getting AGAI'd for use of a buzzword, please do post back, we can then find you a buzzword for use on your AGAI Parade... :wink:
  3. Fat badge, you are shot away at the seams !!!! sounds like a cracking laugh, I will see if I can try it with all of the ex Sappers where I work, should be a giggle in the briefings if nothing else

  4. Fatbadge - Surely you must mean 'Gundulph' of steely eyed ARRSE fame 8) ...

    Okay, okay I'll agree - You'll be meaning Gundulph of White Tower fame and replacer of Humphrey De Tilluel who fecked off, or more correctly - defected back to Normandy.....

    Hmm, I'm wondering if us strawberries can incorporate your fine idea into Civvy Strasse?...

    Just a thought...
  5. Always found throwing random fruit names into briefings was fun! (especially when it was MOD bods on a visit).

    Your suggestion is much more sensible fatbadge!
  6. I found throughout high school, throwing song titles into answers to tricky questions was an endless source of class amusement, especially when the whole class has been briefed to do so and the teacher has no clue as to whats going on. To increase levels of fun, use specific time periods, e.g 80`s songs only, etc.
  7. Heh.. It did cross my mind for the definition. :wink:

    Im sure our strawberry mivvi div can do likewise. I would suggest that with a bit of nuturing and subliminal messaging, we can convert the majority of civilian companies into using 'Corps words' on a daily basis..

    I can just imagine Tesco staff briefings with ''Jonothan, I want you as my clip man out on that shopfloor tonight.. when Sylvia rams that Pin in, you clip it quicksmart'' when referring to facing up dogfood on Aisle 12

  8. Right then im in court in Belfast tuesday (some mong knocked me of my motorbike on a roundabout as apparently you have to give way to the right) so when the judge asks my opinion i'll say "Your honour you have to shoot ahead of the duck and as Gundolph would say at the end of the day Ubique should just about cover it Sir." :D 8O :wink:
  9. GOBBY!!!!!
  10. I sat through a presentation on RE activity in the FRY that contained the phrases "three piece suite" and "soapy tit w*nk".Both of which inserted by note to the presenter at the very last minute :D
  11. Ah but you'd be sent down for that.

    Gundulph, Ubique and the Duck are for use on Monday.

    We still require two words and a phrase for Tuesday!

  12. Shouldn't we Shoot ahead of the duck, so that all Sappers ubique, have some idea, unlike Gundolph, what is going on a couple of days ahead? Just to help out those who aren't on here every day. :D
  13. Indeed Holdfast! :wink:

    Here's Tuesday's offerings from the slightly warped mind of Fatbadge..

    Tuesday 22 May 07 Morning Parade:


    Tuesday 22 May 07 Afternoon Parade


    Tuesday 22 May 07 Meeting / O Group

    Make fast the dinghy


    Chatham : Spiritual Home of the RE

    Scatterable : A form of mine, oft as not frowned upon nowadays as 'not being cricket'

    Make fast the Dinghy : The act of securing something (Also a line from the Corps Song)


    I will add, that should you be in the position of not being able to drop by ARRSE for Wednesday's offerings, then I suggest you either:

    a. Get a grip.. ARRSE is a medicine for the soul, to be taken often.

    b. Think a bit and post your own offering for the days you cannot be present on ARRSE!

  14. How about the following for Wednesday?

    Wednesday 23 May 07 Morning Parade:


    Wednesday 23 May 07 Afternoon Parade


    Wednesday 23 May 07 Meeting / O Group

    Hobarts funnies


    Ponderosa : Play area for the training of Planties

    Fascine : French for a bundle of sticks. Plastic pipe equipment for filling in gaps.

    Hobarts funnies : The collective name for the Assault Engineer equipment on D Day.
  15. Heh! Okies! Im sure I can manage to slot that in! Managed Gundulph on parade, squeezed the duck phrase in, but failed to use Ubique.

    2/3 aint bad... :roll: Anyone else manage better?