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Re: But seriously.....



Lipstick -  Far as I am concerned quality post, as said already you seem to have said it all, so this should be a short thread


People ask me why over the last few weeks I have been so hard to get hold of - the answer is, I can't listen to everybody elses worries, anxt and theories on what is happening, instead I log on to arrse and have a giggle.

So I come on here of an evening and watch the forum go by as I write an other Ebluey to him outdoors

Lippie, you hit the nail on the head, it's humor that keeps me going. That and thanking god that when it strikes 12 each night, that I've not had a man in green on my doorstep to tell me my kids don't have a dad. So when people say, "how come you cope with it all so well", I can put my hand on my heart and say, because I live every day to the best I can. This life we have is very precious. Our loved ones could come back in a few months to find that we have been run over by a bus. That's life, it's a full bred bitch. We are lucky, every day we are lucky, because hopefully it's one more day without that knock... So when we all get used to this war and human nature implies we will begin to climatise to it,  we should try and enjoy these days in whatever way we can, because every day that passes in fear and upset, we will never get back, what a waste when there are so many who give anything for just one more day.

Personally, if I am having a partcuarly bad evening I read over MDNs thoughts for the day - 10 times better than prozac !


I am currently growing baby three, so no drinking, drugs and obviously no sex for me for quite a while! Luckily pregnancy zonks me out and I can sleep on a pin. I remember the nights when a good session (no not a drinking one) good do that (make me want to sleep).... ah those were the days. Poor guy left and I was a size 10, I'll be about a size 24 when he gets back at this rate. He'll be the only one telling his missus he's got a headache when he sees the state of me!!!


Don't go there about the three. I end up in labor that long they have to shave me twice! Cab't believe we're doing it again! Anyway there is nothing wrong with not being maternal, hey we need some thin women in the world with tight pelvic floors!
When my (mow ex) husband left for GW1 we had not long been married - when he got back I was 10  days away from having baby - I shall never forget his face when I got into bed.......... ;D ;D ;D it rreally was one one of the funniest things I have ever seen.........

Having said that, didn't make much difference... ;D

Not long to go now, hang  on in there.....
Prod, you should see it from the blokes point of view every now and then.  Your ex would have been chuffed to bits to be back in time for the birth.  I've got two (both under 4yrs) and when I left them and their mum to go to Afghanistan least year it damn near killed me.  I can say without shame that my eyes welled up as I left the house.  Every chance I got to get a phone in my hand, I called them.  My eldest who's 3 and a half now knows what  the sight of  my bergen means and hangs onto my legs each time she sees me with it (it's kept in the garage now.....the bergen that is ;D) There's lads and lasses out there just now, just longing to see their kids again and I'll bet there's loads on this site who know that feeling.    I was on tour when the first was due, I got back for that birth and was at home for the second.  Makes all the difference.  Its a monumetal experience. Just to repeat what's already been said Lippy...great thread.  Keep the smileys Lippy...smileys are good need smileys!   Here's a few....... :) ;) :) ;) ;D ;D :D :) ;)
Sorry, every thing went blank for a while, where am I? Who are you? Why am I dressed like this? :D
Now that was a daft question now wasn't it?  It's a female thing?  That's something we'll (the lads) never understand! :D

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