Re: Bugger morale- i need headlights!!!

If you know anyone serving in Germany ask them to check the classifieds in the "Sixth Sense" (they've probably got a website too) or have a look on the NAAFI noticeboards out there. Somebody, somewhere in BFG should be due posting and wanting to flog the relevant headlights.

Failing that have a good look around on the net, chances are that there will be someone cheaper than your local dealer - don't get ripped off!

When you get to Germany you will get roughly 1 months grace to get your car BFG'd.  Plenty of time to track down some headlights out there if neccessary. If you have to buy them from a German dealer, get the tax free form (its got a German name that I forget) from the RAO at your new Unit, that way you won't have to pay Germand VAT. Once you get the lights don't fork out for a dealer to fit them, most VM's will do it for a few beers.

Hope that helps.

What have you done, Id sooner confess to liking blokes than admit to driving a hyundaii
ScaleySod, get 'em in Germany - use the tax free system - you have a few weeks after you arrive before you need to get your car BFG'd. After all tax free is tax free whatever country you are in!!!!

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