RE bridge building near Lancaster

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stabradop, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. That's all we need, bloody freezing temperatures and snow!
  2. I don't like the cold
  3. WTF does he know about weather. He's not even a climatoligist FFS. I just wish this global warming will fucking hurry up. My BBQ summer was ruined because fuckwits like him are sat on their elbows.
  4. I was not too keen on seeing an RLC officer being interviewed about the bridging,rather than a Sapper.
  5. my all up for global warming it it means more BBQ's and more chicks wearing less clothing :)
  6. Shock news.
    Cold and wet weather in the Lake District in the Winter.
  7. Lancaster's fcukin MILES away from Cockermouth/Workington and the traffic's shit - how'd they get the bits onto the motorway from there????
  8. The bridge, which is being made in sections, will be transported to Cumbria by troops from the Royal Logistic Corps. It will be a major challenge to move the bridge panels and, to minimise disruption, they will mostly be moved overnight. :wink: :roll:
  9. The bridge components were all checked at Halton, and some test sections erected. Then all dismantled and loaded onto DROPS - over 30 loads I think. Taken up yesterday to a holding pen at an old factory site east of Workington.

    Trucks will then be brought through to the bridging site in ones or twos, a) to avoid snarling up the traffic which is in enough of a mess already, and b) because the site can only cope with a couple of vehicles at a time; probably starting this afternoon. Major assembly work expected to be visible from Wednesday.

    It really is impressive stuff - vast quantities of aggregate on matting to build a very large plinth on the riverbank. Pity the lads if the forecast of snow is accurate...
  10. Of course this answers the question posted soemtime last week which was ' How long before the Army is called in to build bridges'. You read it on ARRSE first!!
  11. Precisely. Now read my post The End of ARRSE
  12. I have waited a couple of days to send this sitrep as I wanted to confirm what I was saying was absolutely correct. If you go back 12 months the perception was that the reserves would never be called out for MACA as there was no political will to do so, the administrative hurdles were too big and the C2 would be too difficult. Plus the regular chain of command did not understand the system. This was reinforced with the demise of the CCRF force. This has now changed under the Defence Review of Reserves in that once a reservist has signed up to the concept of mobilisation (anywhere in the world remember) he or she does not have to volunteer again.

    The Reservist community will be pleased to read that SJC contacted us almost immediately, 4 Lancs were their first choice (Regulars were not available, too far away, etc) and would we scope what really had to be done to make this happen. Incidently, SJC were impressive and went out of their way to use reserves.

    I can report back from top of shop that there was absolutely no push back from the politicians over the use of reserves - indeed quite the opposite, the nuts and bolts for the actually mobilisation, with the creation of PiDs, 3 letters to sign (acceptance into service, medical and pension choice) were sent to the Bde plus a couple of VTCs to reassure them that mobilisation was not an administrative nightmare. This has proven to be the case with no major admin hurdles being brought up at this stage.
    There are currently about 60 reservists mobilised to support the operation and at the moment they will be assisting the op for 8 days.
    In sum, reservists were the first choice, there was no push back from the politicians at all and the mobilisation went as smoothly as possible for the first mobilisation of reserves under RFA 96 ever.
    We are now working up the de-mobilisation, particularly from the safeguard of employment angle and have warned off the SMEs in Chilwell to assist.
    I will keep people informed as this progresses. This mobilisation is extremely good news for us at this time particularly with PR10 looming.
  13. Oh I would love to know who dreamt that one up, Halton Camp is north side of the River Lune and has bad road access (the M6 Junction is south of the River), so what exactly was wrong with using Warcop?
  14. Halton is so much nicer?

    Oh wait...

    Although on a slightly more serious note, a) I have it on good authority (my gran) that the village Green at Warcop was flooded, maybe they didn't fancy the bridge floating away?

    or b) Halton has a lot more open space (down the bottom road that runs by the lake(?)) that Warcop, only open space there really is the drill square which isn't massive. Although I suppose you could use the ranges?