Re boring a blank or deactivated weapon

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMEbrat, Nov 19, 2011.

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  1. If I was to buy a blank firing or deactivated ex military weapon would it be possible to get it legally to fire .22 rounds?
    The reason would be to fire blanks to give it a slightly more realistic sound but not as a bigger bore so could be used at a small shooting club.
  2. No! In fact to be precise I should say

    NO!!!!!!! Don't even think about it!

  3. Get caught and you will get bummed all day everyday by a hairy bloke called wayne
  4. Re-enactors tend to use Section 1 rifles on an FAC, and fire full-size blank rounds out of them. Alternatively, some use rifles bores out to .410 on a shotgun certificate.

    .22 versions of most military rifles exist (eg Lee Enfields), but tend to be expensive collectors' items - and have to be held on an FAC, of course.

    Converting a de-act or blank firer to shoot .22 is an offence - the whole weight of recent firearms legislation has been to stop crims doing this (hahahahaha....).

    A full-bore rifle can be used with sub-calibre inserts (usually in .32 ACP or .22 RF), but unfortunately these fall into a grey area of UK law - the inserts themselves are considered to be individual firearms and thus have to be individually listed on an FAC.
  5. 5 years mandatory, mind your fingers...........CLANG!

    Not a good idea
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  6. Yes, it is just to fire .22 blanks honest. ******* liar! You're looking at a stretch just for being ******* stupid, don't get caught or you'll get an extra 5.
    You can get military caliber cartridges which will hold the 8mm blank round, so that a LEGAL blank firer can be just that, LEGAL. Because you don't want to convert it to be a shit weasel plastic gang banger do you?
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  7. "No; it's a ceremonial Samurai Sword that was sharpened by mistake!"
    "No; I don't take the drugs - I was using them in an experiment!"
    "Explosives - I only have them because I like loud noises!"
    "No I haven't got a licence/insurance for it but I don't use it when anyone else is about!"
    "Those pictures of the naked 3 year old boy were research for a book I was writing!"

    You are a bit of a fuckin mong aren't you!?! You're the sort of kunt that will end up surrounded by armed police leaking red stuff. Hopefully! ;-)
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  8. You can't prevent it, not since the sex equality act.
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  9. Tampons, tis the way forward
  10. But they are the scariest ones
  11. Sorry, I guess I should have been a little clearer in the opening post. I would rebore the weapon to fire .22 blanks.
  12. Technically yes, after a lot of expense. Legally, no.
  13. Yes my mate did that, he only got two years, so do not think of doing it, not only did he get two years,he lost his job,house and family, so dont, really dont. In fact Dont. Only bit of advice ive given on Arrse that id listen to mate.
  14. All posts have been listened to and I won't even think about it for another second!
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  15. If I bought a T62 tank with De-activated gun could I take it to Aldermaston to get a Nuclear weapon?