RE: Boots - This may sound daft, BUT...

Can someone please faccy access to the table of foot length / width and corresponding boot sizes as used in the army? I assume they have compiled such a guide.

I currently wear slightly large boots with LOADS of socks. Last weekend I tabbed about 40 clicks (split) and happy to say, not even any minor issues with the 'peds.'

Trying to complete reenlistment - - but probably too old for owt but the Legion
I don't know if there is such a thing, it would make sense which probably means it doesn't exist in the Army.

The problem you will encounter is that the boots issued are actually quite good (i'll give you a moment to pick yourself up off the floor). however, you will have to try them on, especially those for the sandpit. Some people prefer meindl some the lowa some still preferred to buy their own and plumpt for the likes of Altberg. The point I'm trying to make is, they could all be the same size but would still be slightly different.

Two pairs of socks in the hot place might be more trouble than it's worth, but you know what works best for you.

It's to be commended trying to re-enlist. Best of luck.
There is no sizing chart as there is no such thing as an Army boot any more. There are shedloads of different makes and models whose measurements can differ quite a bit and as Dingerr stated; they ain't too shabby now.

Good luck with the re-enlisting; not too much of a long process I hope - What you joining?
Right, okey-dokey about the boots then. I can snuffle around this forum to find out how to get good issue boots with enhanced performance. ...

Yup, nothing too ambitious, enlist in Royal Logistics as a chef - what I know - then shoot for serious PTI contribution, that's my aspiration. Cheers for the headzup
My advice concerning boots for what it is worth;

Pop into your nearest well recommended forces friendly military surplus store/military equipment providers and try on various pairs of the 'CURRENT' issued military boots that is issued in training units.

Serving squaddies will advise on here what boots are being issued at training units now.

Make a note of the make, model etc and the sizing of the pair you are comfy with.

Submit that info if you are completing an uniform information form or whatever it is called these days.

If you can afford to buy a pair at the time you try them on, buy them, break them in before reporting for training, blisters on your feet will then be one thing you will not to have to worry about at the start of training.

KEEP THE RECEIPT SAFE AND WITH YOU as if you have kit inspections/locker inspections etc then you can account for having an extra pair of boots and not be accused of being a locker thief etc.

You may get some flack for using your common sense and buying a pair of boots and breaking them in from some of the training staff but such is life. (If you can't take a joke you should not have joined).

Good luck with your application, I would rejoin tomorrow if I could and take my old boots with me (DMS mit puttees) .
Have a look on the bottom of you issue black assault boots there is the size (in my case 7) and a letter for the width (L for large in my case ) try going down or up a width and see what its like.
Is it me, or are issued boots sized quite generously? I've always taken a size 10M, but every pair of civvy footwear I have is a size 11. I tried a pair of issued size 11 boots and they were huge on me. Strange. I only ask, as I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if Lowas are sized as per issued stuff or as per civvy stuff, I don't want to fork out over £100 for a pair of boots (mail order) to find they're too big or small.
If only they had shops that sold boots.

Crazy talk, I know.

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