Re: BFBS - POP IDOL!!!!!


I watched it for the first time tonight and, i got depressed, I thought this Gareth bloke was supposed to have ttttttt tro roooooo ublee speaking, becouse he gets nerves in front of a croud ? are the taking the piss he sings like a proffesional.......... ::)

Sighned Confussed.


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Mate, I think they'res a difference between singing something you know very well, and speaking in front of a crowd not knowing what question you have to answer next!!! I think that has a lot to do with his nerves - As I know i'd s**t my pants if it was me.............. Hope this helps your confusion!!! ;)


Or is it he is just a fame hungry civi t**ser going for the sympathy vote.

Put him on radio stag..

h h hhh e  heh   hee  hello ttttttttttt two fff ffff ffour
rrrrr r rr  rar radio  chee  ch ch check ovv oo ove.

Send new key setting or send in clear over!



Best thing about Pop Idol is that I can now confidently say that I look like a pop star........even if it is Rick Waller!!


Ok so the bloke could sing well, have u seen the new image?  Looks like someone woke him up with the calming words 'You're on stag mate.'
And why do i get BFBS1 in a 3 year posting when blerks doing 6 or 3 months in the Balkans get 2 channels (And Sky)??!!  Military Logic I suppose.
Military Logic goes the same way As MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. 2 Words that should never be used in the same sentence. ;D

As for POP IDOL that little stuttering **** should never have been included. I've seen a few sympathy cases and he stuck out like a dildo in a desert. :'(

He should be presenting a show of kids nursery rhymes.
'Peter piper picked a peck of pickled pepper' :D

As for the guy who won, he has a speech problem aswell. Who put an 'S' in LISP the nasty bstard :- :eek:


I'm not the pheasant plucker, i'm the pheasant pluckers son, i like plucking pheasants because pheasant plucking's fun.


Try sayin that after a few  ;D :)


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Oh come on! Do I sense a little jelousy on the subject?
You have to admit, they both sang thier song's very very well, which was the main reason that they we're there. ;D
Yes, not bad for karaoke on a Friday night in Sammy's. But I suppose that goes for all 'pop stars' today. Bugger all talent but a nice image. Bring back the Gumbay Dance Band or Steely Dan, now they were quality!


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OMG, u were an ABUSED child. :eek:

Quick call SSAFA some1, any1, for the love of GOD help LEEANNE.

(I bet she Likes HEAR SAY) :p

Hey CMT, I was only joking ;D

And guess what - I hate Hearsay but you have a secret fetish for them really don't you??? ;)


You dont Arf get about leeanne, confused about your corps Identity? or maybe you are not comfortable staying in one place, or maybe you have nothing better 2 do with your time, either way I think youre great.

Wanna kiss XXXX

Regards N Genfire :-X :-X :-X


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Your right N Genfire, I hate just hanging around - I love to be on the move, anything you can think of to calm me down a bit? :-*