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Re: BARB any tips


1.   Don't even try cheating - looks really good to a prospective employer doesn't it?

2.   Answer the questions to the best of your ability or you might end up in a job that you are not well suited to.

That's why they have the tests - to put you where your abilities will be best fitted.  If you are a complete chocolate fireguard, don't expect to join as a Tech, ATO, Int Op etc.  Likewise, if you have a degree, you probably won't end up as a driver. (Nothing against drivers - very useful sometimes, I just don't know many with a degree - I am sure there are some, but they are probably in a minority).
Actually I new a Marine once who on his COs orderly room got asked well what are you going to do out side.

Well he said I used to be a school teacher and have a maths degree,........the list went on.

dont judge to soon

Barb is not a test of IQ, but a test of trainability. the results of which does not tell you how thick or intelligent an individual is, as an example, a guy with A levels can score poorly, while a guy with no academic quals can score well, and yes I have sat the test and scored 84, with very few quals. My advice to you would be to answer the questions as quickly and as accuratley as posibble, but don't sacrifice acuuracy for speed, good luck
The practice pamphlet you ought to have been given is quite enough to see you through. Relax on the day, have your cup of tea with sugar or banana or whatever works best for you and you'll be fine.

Who just said they scored 84 from a test with a maximum score of 80, again? Fair advice, mind.
Bugs, unless its changed in the last few months, there was no max score, I saw a speccy red headed little shite score 92, that is the highest I saw and heard of, and I was recruiting for 4 years mate.

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