Re-badging. - Units being obstructive.

I'm just after a little info....
If an individual wishes to transfer to another corps, which regs have to be followed to ensure that the soldier is in no way disadvantaged, or obstructed by his or her unit?
It has come to light recently that paperwork that has been submitted by individuals for transfers, as well as volunteer posts, and have been given either bum steers about how they are to proceed, or ignored completely, and not even forwarded to the authority for whom the applications are intended.
Has the individual got any options on how to proceed if he or she feels that individuals are being deliberately obstructive, or refusing altogether to process their requests?
Would a large amount of soldiers wishing, and applying to transfer have a negative effect on the head of establishments career, or just a few uncomfortable questions from his boss at coffee time?
PM's welcome should you not want to reply directly.
Dont want to bare too many raw nerves.

It is completely beyond me why anyone would even consider leaving THE CORPS.
bigbadjimmyp - I thought that you were interested in transferring to the Int Corps? Is that what this is really all about?

If someone has made their mind up that they want to transfer they should not accept a 'no' from anyone except the lot they are trying to join. The RCMO should really be the main man in getting the transfer paperwork pushed through, with no undue interferrence from the individual's curent unit/cap badge allowed.

I seem to recall that direction was issued a few years ago (perhaps an AGAI?) that basically told units to stop being petty and let people transfer. The theory being (which I agree with) it is better to lose someone to another cap badge, than to lose them to civvy street.

Does this answer your question? Feel free to PM me.
Disco said:
He`s just angry becuase they have refused his application into the Womens Auxillary Balloon Corps... again!! :wink:
Disco, budgetry constraints prevented construction of a balloon big enough to lift the lad :wink:

Thanks for the input guys, but this isnt about my transfer, I still haven't made up my mind about that one (as yet)
Apart from which I am not (that) self serving- just to worry about my own issues....although this very issue COULD hit me, should I decide to go down that particular road.
It is now affecting one of the guys in my unit.
The WABC DO have a ballon that could lift me, but it is a downscaled model of the one used to lift boney's head onto his shoulders after his own bodily strength failed him. :D
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