Re-badge from Signals?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by cheesybeansontoast, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Alright lads,

    I'm looking for any 'C3 Systems' guys out there to give me some info.

    I'm currently in the Royal Sigs as a Systems Engineering Technician Class 2, and am now ready for Class 1. Not the way i want to go however.

    I've been looking at the job specs for C3 Systems and was thinking of a rebadge to your Corps. The info im looking for is:

    What does the job actually involve?
    Whats a standard days work like?
    Opportunities to get out on tour etc?

    Sitting in a workshop all day long drinking brews, playing darts and getting fat just doesn't interest anymore. Any help and advice you can give would be appreciated!

  2. With that name get yourself of to the Jackson Club at Gib Bks right away.
    The bleeps now spend time trying to find all the bowman kit.
    Engrs are constantly away and the sigs lads are used on loads of different things
    Maybe a pm to nighttrained our little sprog who is
    a a c3s boy
    b recently out of the factory
    c on ops right now
    d a mong (sorry sh**rtrained couldnt be to nice in one go)
  3. Wouldnt bother if I were you! Stay in the Sigs, switch to I.T. Engineer and get yourself some real geeky quals! A much better idea!
  4. Evening Joe!
  5. Aright Charlie
  6. Quiet on here tonight!
  7. Is a bit. Still, there are a few knoobers around to amuse us eh?????
  8. There was a right prat on here earlier from Oxford . . . Some student type perhaps . . :wink:
  9. Ahhh, Potential Officer perhaps?????
  10. A Potential nothing with nothing to say and no one to say it to, so ARRSE wiped his threads off
  11. Sounds fair!
    Laters! Up early to trudge off the Headley Court .....AGAIN!
    Take care mate!
  12. have a good one M8