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Don't say that- I'm en route to one in a couple of months time... :mad:


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ATRs are very good for the career for a number of reasons:

a)   One more year at RD for any subaltern (lets face it, RD is what most of us joined for!)

b)   They are all located in the UK, so you can get up to London whenever you need to.

c)   If you get it in early enough, you can use it as an excuse not to do an ATRA tour later on in your career, therein leaving you with one less career limiting posting to endure as a senior Capt/Maj.

Unfortunately there are some drawbacks:

a)   You work some weekends and have occasional church parades (if you couldn't take a joke you shouldn't have joined!)

b)   Some ATRs have Female inmates. (Not a problem unless you have a serious hormonal imbalance and find it impossible to comprehend the Values and Standards paper)

c)   Its an ATR...
But not even he will help you with the weekly pile of reports that you have to produce on the crows..... bless their cotton socks.

Bureaucracy rules!!!!

No one has yet mentioned that complete waste of time of an ITGIS course run at Licthfield to induct all ATRA Instructors into the ways of how to kill enthusiasm at a 100 paces.
Are we denial?
You should feel lucky that you were posted to an ATR.  I was posted to one of our esteemed Phase 2 dumps, which was interesting to say the least.  Put a Pl Comd in a job which should have been done by an AWS Sgt and a couple of AGC clerks.  (Hey, I'm not bitter - I only did a year there!)  The main drama is all the bureaucracy you encounter - especially if you want to encourage a scroat to seek alternative forms of employment.  Folk higher up the food chain seem concerned about numbers, not quality.  For me the acid test was "Would I want this individual as a soldier in my unit on Ops?"  If the answer is no, and the Pl Staff, OC and 2IC are also in agreement, why does some Staff Officer/RO2 know better?

Oh well, feel better now, got that off my chest! :)
...because RO2's are out with their OBE and don't have to put up with the consequences of their pants decision. And besides, some RO2 probably shafted them with some numpty at some time or other, and now is the opportunity to do it to someone elses. And so the wheel goes round......
Aaaah, if only that were the case - unfortunately at Ph2, you have to scream to get all your leave in - and still get called back off leave - still don't know how OC got my phone number - I reversed the last two digits.....!  ATR no better.  Both places you seem to end up working lates, weekends, all night (ROO on a thurs/fri/sat night - forget about sleep.....)

I remain your humble servant.....!
Doesn’t sound much different from when i did my first 2 years at Reggie Duty, at least there is always a lot of subbies around so someone else to get in trouble with in an ATR. Desides time off is for girls.
For super subbie numbers - you need to go to the ATFC in arborfield - lots of schoolies there, trouble is most of them don't like living in the mess and partaking in the funner/more sociable part of army life.

Goes like ..... living...flat...boyfriend..... arrange words to form sentance!!  Whatever happened to living in the mess for the first X years until you were grown up enough to look after yourself..... by the way... still living in!


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Hour and a half discussion groups to discuss our reaction to a problem only to be told that it WILL be done a certain way- why not save time and just tell us that to start off.

BPFA, CMS(R) Output tests and 4 mile endurance run - to see what the recruits have to go through.

Plenty of EO - because we've  never covered that before during training or annually on ITD training.

Wk 2 ex to be shown, practised and tested in the same summative test.

Still if you do have to go, apparently the Eastern Eye curry house in Lichfield is worth a visit.    :mad: